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Sleep every other day?

Discussion in 'General' started by mrblonde77, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. I usually get about 5 hours of sleep a night during the week. I'm taking 18 hours of school doing Computer Engineering and on top of that I have a programming job and also am starting another website project on the side. So I'm super busy and never get much more than 6 hours of sleep a night except on the weekends when I catch up getting 8-10 one night of the weekend.

    I recently found I get a lot of stuff done when i pull an all-nighter. I'm not *too* tired the next day usually but nevertheless I am tired. I'm not sure if I'm more tired or less tired than when i get 5 hours of sleep. So I decided I would try to just sleep every other night and sleep for 10-11 hours on the nights I sleep. I figure I could train my body to work this way and I wouldn't be as tired after a coule weeks of doing this.

    Is this a terrible idea? Is it better to get ~5 hours every night than sleep every other night? Does anybody else have irregular sleep patterns? How much sleep do you guys get? I know they say you should get ~8 but I mean I'm young and I figure I can do it while I'm young. Once you hit 30 you can't do this shit anymore so I figure I might as well take advantage while I can :)
  2. you should try that plan where you sleep only 20 minutes every 3 or 4 hours or some shit like that
  3. 4 or 5 hours a night would probably be better.

    Some nights (like tonight) I get no sleep at all. I'll counter it by, taking a 1 - 2 hour nap when I get home from work... or just sleep a little extra the next night.

    The only time I've ever had any problems, was once I stayed up 2 full nights without any sleep. That day was hell... I was up over 48 hours, trying to deal with all this stuff at work, then had an hour drive home. The drive was the worst part, I was literally slapping myself to stay alert.

    It shouldn't take you very long to know what you can or can't handle. If your like me, you could sleep as little as an hour or two, and be ready to go all day long.
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    im too high to read the whole post..

    ok i read it..
    i dont think itll do you good sleeping every other day.

    i do it often because it happens.i dont do it on purpose.and it kills me.ok not actually kill..its just so freaking exhausting when happening every once and a while.you feel extremely drained.tired til the inside...

    nevermind the complexion
    (id suggest some cream ) and the black circles..(make up..but for you since your a guy,sleep..)
    i sleep every two days usually.not as a habit..but it happens very very often.for example on sunday i didnt sleep.on saturday i slept 4 hours .on friday i didnt sleep.on thursday i slept 5 hours.on wednesday i didnt sleep.tuesday i slept 3 hours?and it goes on..i started keeping a journal to see what happens.

    anyhow..i fall alseep in class..im cranky after some point cause im tired.black circles are going terribly black the second day of no sleep.
    for 2 days now most of my friends are at their hometowns for the easter break.in 2 days i slept...around 15 hours each, monday and tuesday.the sleep last night which was 4 hours i count it as wednesday.

    anyhow..i dont get much of sleep either.sorry im very high and started rambling..anyhow..it wont eb good for you.i do it cause i go out and generally party a lot but doing it on purpose wont eb good.
    its ok if you do it once or twice if you just do not have time to do everything you have to.but after sometime if doing it on regular basis itll make you so freaking tired.youll wake up tired.
    and youll be weaker through the day and not able to attend lessons or pay attention in class.which isnt good.

    anyhow..im sorry if this all sounded a lot like preaching..its just that it happens to me too and damn it was so tiring..now its been 2 days i slept soo much and last night i could do whatever without being hella tiring..it was veryyy nice:D

    btw.sth more. 6 hours are ok if you are a person that generally doesnt get much sleep.

    my friend does that..i cant get how it works..i wouldnt rest at all if sleeping like that..
  5. yes its a terrible idea, your brain needs sleep to process everything that happened in your day, its also when your body heals
  6. sleep when your tired, aight? its not rocket science guys. obey your body.
  7. So I came up with the same idea, and had the same question. Is it a terrible idea? I also happen to be a computer engineer which I didnt expect when searching for this.

    I know this is an old post, but Im wondering if you ended up trying it and for how long?
    And this post was in 2009, howd your career turn out with an idea like this? haha, just wondering.

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