sleep deprivation

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  1. any of the blades ever done it and tripped? i was thinking about doing it. how long would i have to stay up? 5 days? and was it worth it for you? staying up for 5 days just sounds like a good time

  2. idk if you want to do this but, it's a dumb idea... if you really wanna hallucinate just buy some cid, or shrooms or if you want kidna similiar trip get dxm.

    sleep deprivation is horrible for you, and i know your probebly saying "i dont give a fuck about my body" but tbh anyone with that attitude is a dumbass.

    but, for your questions

    you have to stay up for atleast 3 days, if you use things liek adderall to keep you up, thats even worse for you.

    i suggest keeping with the norm psychedelics, if you cant get ahold of them than do dxm, and wait it out till someone pulls through for you.
  3. I tend to find that that visuals never leave.

    But I've been awake for days on end since I was a pre-teen, so that could be why.

    I'm not even going to bitch at you about the recklessness of forced sleep deprivation.

    Surely common sense will kick in.
  4. take drugs if you're looking to trip. it isn't a psychedelic trip, you just get delirious, which i find ten times scarier than taking acid.

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