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  1. A few nights ago i stayed up for like 36 hours+ and i smoked a ice bong around 32hours and got a wierd high like out of mind like when i first smoked and it gave me a gut ach so then i smoked the next day 10 hours of sleep now and same high after 1 bowl so i stopped and waited tell the next day i had a wake and bake after 3 onies or so same high then the gut ach so i waited then i smoked again later that day 1 hit from a bowl felt alright then again later 3 hits off a onie and i felt ok kinda distent why is it happening i use to be able to smoke and just get high then it wore of like it always did i dont know why it is like this but im gussing i might have reset my tolerance level somehow or something else i dont know but im looking for answers anyone else had this prob and does it go away will green ever be the same for me?
  2. 36 hrs+ is a long time without sleep, im sure thats part of the reason.

    Just stop smoking for like 2-3 days, ooorrr stop smoking bowls and just take like 1 hit at a time til it feels normal.
  3. i can't even read your post OP. anyways, wrong section.
  4. Wrong section, post this in apprentice tokers, anything weed related basically belongs in there :)
  5. Pretty much this. Sounds like you need to stop going 36 hours with no sleep.
  6. Ahh, the halo days.. :smoke:

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