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  1. You go out one day and get absolutely slaughtered with spirits. You have an absolutely amazing time, (the best night of your life in fact), but the next day you, nor anybody else that was with you, could remeber a thing because of the alcohol.
    In this scenario, was it worth going out and doing it? Was a night that you can't remeber worth all the bodily damage, time and money required, or would it have been better to stay at home and at least remeber that the next day?

    What do you think?
  2. I would prefer to remember a great night. I would not want the cops to show up at my door the next morning/day and ask me about stuff that I have no clue about. Thats happened to some people before. I just don't see the purpose in getting that ripped up then calling it "a great night". With that said though, most of the time great nights just happen on their own. It seems if you try and make it a great night, they seldom turn out that way.

  3. I like to live in the moment.

    I'd take the joy in that moment over the memory of an ordinary night. Just about every memory is forgotten eventually anyhow.

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