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  1. Have you guys ever read this book? Its a trip. Its about this guy who gets unstuck in time and gets abducted by aliens (the Trafalmadorians) and these aliens already now how life started and already now the end. the way they see time, is a timeline where they can choose which memories to look at. so instead of living all the bad times, they focus on all the good. Its a very good book which tripped the shit out of me when i think about it blazed.

  2. Kurt Vonnegut... prolific writer, but usually not in the style that captures my attention. I do remember seeing the movie back in the 70's... way to hard for me to understand what the hell was going on when I was that young. But I do remember seeing Valerie Perrine's tits in the movie... don't know why that sticks in my mind... :D
  3. yeai didnt like the movie as much as the book....i just liked the whole idea of your life in an instant and juust focusing on the better parts of it.
  4. yes that is a great book. The way it bounced back and forth, and had complete random 'happenings' really reminded me of Hitchhikers Guide.. Slaughterhouse is one of the only novels that made me straightup burst out in fits of laughter completely sober! good book must readd
  5. It was cool how the tramafladorians viewed time.. not as a series of events one after the other, but as a giant spectrum of moments coexisting simultaneously. They couldnt understand the main character's (Billy?) view of time just as he couldnt understand theirs. Really makes you think about our perceptions and just how much we can be limited without different senses/perceptions. Imagine life if we could only see infared light or if we could only hear Ultrasonic sounds. There would be no such thing as art or music as we know it, to name a few.
  6. I read that book during the period of my life where I had been smoking the most pot and I thought it was fantastic! The story was entertaining and that bit about time perception really boggled my mind.
  7. That sounds like a cool book. I started to read it once but it seemed to be about something totally different, like some guy trying to remember what happened during WWII with this old friend of his, so I stopped reading it.
  8. Catch-22 is also pretty hilarious i mean comon it put the term catch 22 into the dictionary.

    If the Pilots continued bombing misssions then they were surely crazy. If they came to the the doctor to tell them they were crazy it showed concern for ones own safety in the face of danger that were real and immidiate was the process of a rational mind.

    So the pilots have to continue bombing.

    This book is hilarious.

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