slappys fo bleezy tonite

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by 666Bleezys, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. nybody on hea do dem slappys? wen a nigga outta weed he pack his bong wid sum cig tobacca, fuuuuks bleezy up! shits nastay but cant beet dat buzz

  2. lmao. your post made me laugh but no i don't do chops.

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  3. This was incredibly difficult to read.

    But tobacco bong rips. Tried it before. But it's just terrible. Been smoking cigs on and off for years. Been trying to quit forever. But tobacco smoked super quick, not fun. Overwhelming head rush. Sick to stomach
  4. did it plenty when i still smoked and rolled my own and ran out of papers. have a special minibong i got for free i use only for tobacco. can't say i ever felt much besides it curing my urge for tobacco.

    in certain places of the world water pipes are the preferred way of smoking tobacco. and not just hookah
  5. I smoked a half a cigarillo to myself when out one time, and incredibly young/stupid... I threw up. Only time tobacco and me had an argument lol.

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