Slang/Dialog = Actual English?

Discussion in 'General' started by Floydian, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. I'm wondering...

    They can add all the stupid things they want to the dictionary, but do you think in the future, simple slang or half-assed grammer like "aint" for isn't or "tryna" for trying to, to things as obscure as vocalized "leet" speech will become the actual phrases?

    Like, with spelling tests on them in 3rd grade?

    Heh... I wonder...
  2. clearly not, or the whole world would sound like red necks.
  3. well...ain't is already in websters...has been for a few is d'oh...d'oh is considered a lies...get a new dictionary and look at all the new words, there is already slang
  4. Language always adapts and changes with time. The situation is always fluid. Who knows how we will be talking as the years go on by.
  5. I don't think that the schools will teach these things though. They don't give a rat's fuck what's in the dictionary.
  6. I always use slang and I hope it will never be recognized as "Actual english" Because without slang you can't say certain shit you want to so people don't understand what you're saying. Then they call us stupid for talking in privacy and they have no clue what we say so they get mad. :cool:
  7. Which one do you want to be?
  8. I kind of doubt it

    'Ain't' is already in there, but that's become a word in itself. 'Tryna' is just the way 'trying to' comes out when you mumble it...Reminds me of Futurama how they say 'axe' instead of 'ask'

    How about some more words that may eventually be changed?

    Et cetera ----> excetera
    Asterisk -----> asterik

  9. Ima agree with him. I dont think that slang will ever be taught in school, because theres still basic english thats used everyday.
  10. Some day it probably will since there are always new words added to the dictionary.

    Shakespeare invented new words that are taken for granted today, so who know what invented words will be taken for granted in the future?
  11. Rappers will be out of jobs, or have to come up with new slang to break the mold.
  12. i'm afraid if you compare our english, to the english of the times when shakspere was around, you will find that the language has dramatically changed (IMO, for the worst) and this is always slowly happening.
    it's our basic human nature ;)
    we couldn't adapt to live outside, so we built houses.
    we didn't have time to expand our vocabulary, so we made smaller words.
  13. we dont talk like were in jolly old england or like shakespeare anymore.. thats because language changes over a long period of time. so i definately think so
  14. maybe in the spoken word but the written word and proper english will still be around and used and known to some extent.

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