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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by buddhachicka210, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. hey everyone. my name is samantha, but a lot of people call me samm. you can call me whatever, it doesn't matter to me. i'm 20 and live in new jersey, somewhat close to new york. i'm studying buddhism alot, and i LOVE animals and music. i also do a little reading. my favorite band is bright eyes. i mostly listen to indie rock, but a few other genres are good too.

    i have a question about slang. you see, i'm not very familiar with marijuana or any drugs, for that matter. i have been readin alot of posts in these forums, and i saw some words being used that i don't know the meanings of. i thought maybe you (whoever reads this) could help.

    the words are: zannies, spliff, zooties, cheeba, sess. also, i've seen people talk about "20's, 40's, and 80's." could somebody please explain this?
  2. Spliff- another word for joint
    cheeba- another word for marijuana

    I'm not sure what they mean by the other stuff.... :shrug:

    BTW, welcome to the city :)
  3. Welcome to the city!!!
  4. 20's = 20 sack
    40's = 1/8
    and I donno about 80's but I think I'm right on the 20's and 40's....welcome to the city
  5. all your questions have been answered. but...

    look at my cool avatar. and welcome to the city.
  6. Welcome to the City!

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