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  1. Anyone else watching Nik Wallenda tightrope across two buildings in Chicago?  He just finished the first rope across, which had a 19 degree incline toward the end.  Oh and he doesn't have a safety harness and is about 60 stories high. 
    This is the same dude that recently tightroped across the Grand Canyon.  Shit is crazy.

  2. He finished both of them.  Definitely looked sketchier on the second wire.  Being blindfolded would make it so much harder.  
  3. I watched the first one, I didn't know there would be a second. I think the blindfold helps. He's walking a line, one foot in front of the other. Cutting off vision in theory should heighten your sense of balance. Plus looking down causing fear and all that.
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    ya that would make sense.  I would think it would improve your other senses.  But i guess vision plays a huge role in balance. Thats one of the reasons they were playing a recurring beeping sound over the loud speaker, so he could use that as a way to measure perspective and also helps with balance of the inner ear.
  5. I watched it.

    He made it look easy. Pretty amazing.

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  6. haha right? made it look too easy.  When i just finished watching i was like "ok that was cool but whatever" lol, but then i blazed up and it really hit me how fucking insane that is.  And in the windy city of all places.  You think he made a lot of money for that stunt?
  7. Me and my girlfriend were talking about that. I bet he made a pretty penny.

    I don't like heights at all. I kept imagining myself being up there. It made me very anxious to watch. Probably more than he was lol

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  8. dude right before he did the stunt, i guess they were giving a little history about Nik and his family.  His family has been doing tightrope walking for the last 200 years (7 generations), and his grandfather died on a tightrope.  They showed the beginning of the footage of his grandfathers fall, and it was so eerie looking.  Like the way he slipped and fell made you realize, despite the talent and practice, its so easy to fall.  

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