skydiving while high

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bluhaze, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Sup GC

    just skydived for the first time today,

    while blazed ftw:smoke:
  2. Damn, that must of been crazy! How was it?
  3. crazy as shit man, you have to hold onto a bar on the wing and let go and shit, it is pretty intense
  4. Pics or it didn't happen

    Naw im just playing :p , that must of been some intense shit!
    I want to sky dive someday, it's been one of my dreams for a long time.
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  6. im jealous. I'd love to go skydiving. its one of my goals to do before i die so hopefully Ill be able to someday.

    Id probably do it sober the first time though just to get the 'first time' experience and then do it high some other time and see what it was like.
  7. honestly dude, i smoked like half a fat joint of fire beforehand, and i was 10 times as high off the adrenaline. shit was crazy
  8. That sounds amazing. I was just in Temecula, Cali visiting my sister. She was gunna take me skydiving but for some reason it never happened :mad:

    But I can only imagine a couple bong hits of some dank, and jump outta a plane. Had to be fun.
  9. I've always wanted to sky dive, but high? I think rolling on E would be much more enjoyable. :hello:
  10. Oh man. That would be so intense LOL.

    Couple strips of acid + Airplane? :p

    Imagine that one.
  11. I want to do this some day. :)
  12. I think I would have a heart attack or something.
  13. damn thats crazy
    thatd be a buzzkill to me id be so scared:eek:
  14. I'm definitely trying to skydive at some point. I want to do it tripping eventually.
  15. If it's anything like a roller coaster when baked, I know you had a fantastic time.

    I want to go skydiving someday, and I'll be high as fuck when I do it.
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    That would be intense as hell!
  17. I went skydiving this summer (sober) and it probably the gnarliest things I have ever done. I will never forget the feeling i had when i stepped out of the plane. Better than any drug i have ever taken.

    Anybody who is thinking about doing it absolutely should, its incredible.
  18. I would much rather be on a rollercoaster, since u know for a fact that youll be fine and u can tell urself that. Skydiving? Fuuuck that, but its fun to imagine lol
  19. haha hell yeah man...over the summer me and 4 friends all went skydiving...before we got there we smoked a fatass blunt of some dank (idk the name...was a couple months ago) stoned while I jumped...was great tho...i think the weed calmed me down on the trip up (it was the first time I was even in a plane lol)...i didnt even notice the weed when i was in the air tho...pure adrenaline at that point
  20. skydiving is amazing! but you don't need to be high, the rush is the best drug i've ever had. you feel like a bird and you can fly. i went through a class to do solo jumps too. that is where it's at! way scarier though when your alone and depend on your self to pull and pilot the canopy down.

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