Skydiving high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by slinkyonrampage, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. I know my reply is 6 years after the original post, but for those searching for a response... here is mine:

    I went sky diving for the first time blazed as hell. It was all great and exciting leading up to being in the plane. My friends and I were amped, "Let's do this!!" ...........Long story short, I got paranoid BIG TIME. Somehow, my mind went down a rabbit hole and thought that the pilot and tandem parachute buddies were all in a plot to release me from the plane without a parachute (yeah, yeah.. crazy I know. But when you're blazed, it seems logical at the time. Completely vulnerable in a small 12 occupancy plane, miles above ground. It could be a perfect crime. Plus, sky diving is expensive as hell. In retrospect, I felt bad for my tandem guy. Seeing everything on ground from the airplane window get smaller... that's when shit gets real.

    Anyway, I jumped off the plane and believed I was going to die. Aaaand then the parachute eventually released, and there was a beautiful moment where I was looking out miles in all directions; could see the sun shining on the water surface, the terrain... it was glorious. I felt thankful and appreciated life.

    If you tend to get paranoid while high.. try skydiving sober first.
  2. No dude... no haha. youll be high as fuck just from the jump. (the adrenalin not because youre literally high in the air haha.)
  3. Ide honestly be surprised if you didn't back out up there while blazed... itd be scary lol, ide only do a rollercoster high
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  4. I wanted to back out of the skydiving thing while were were at a high altitude in the plane. The tandem diver I was going to be strapped to didn't know I was stoned, and kept trying to guilt trip me into going because he said if I didn't jump he wouldn't get paid. I tried explaining to him that I wouldn't seek a refund, but he kept urging. I was also a 20 yr old then, and they just seemed older and intimidating at the time.... I'm definitely going sober if I do it again.

    I'm curious about going high on a roller coaster. I used to love going on crazy rides, but I think I got old... and my roller coaster tolerance low. My head hurts after a mild one nowadays. :/
  5. Ohhhhh so you did go!
    I didn't know youd be strapped to someone, doesn't sound AS bad. Ive always thought jumping sober would be a blast
  6. I've been skydiving. The adrenaline will sober you up pretty quick if you are a regular user. Everyone's body is different but after that mind fuck you give yourself you are probably flushing your system with adrenaline and stress hormones.

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  7. Get high bro, that'll be the best experience ever. You'll be chilled out, and don't just think about the fall, think about all that time you'll be floating up there in the sky with your parachute out, enjoying some beautiful scenery. I say get high, and bring an extra bowl for the descent, bring a torch lighter and blaze while you're gliding down from 3000 feet in the air. We only have so many years on this planet, go out there and live!
  8. No, by being being high you're endangering not only your life but the lives of others particularly that of your instructor.
    If in the event something were to go wrong, I.e. reserve shute deployment you're going to need to react as quickly as possible and being high would compromise this.
    As both a stoner and skydive I'm gonna say don't do it, it's amazing afterwards, but just fucking wait

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