Skydiving high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by slinkyonrampage, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. So I plan on going skydiving this summer for the first time. I have always wanted to, but I am really wanting to get super high before I do this just to see how cool it would be. Anyone ever done this? What's it like?
  2. Just don't forget to pull the rip cord.
  3. It'll be a tandem jump, so I won't have to worry about that. I'll just be along for the ride....which should be awesome.
  4. If you do so you'll get a super high. I did skydiving withouth being high and pumped so much adrenaline that it stayed in my system for a couple hours and felt amazing all throught the day.
  5. Oh my god... that would be amazing! but really frightening. hahaha
  6. This is what I'm thinking.
  7. This is an incredibly bad idea, please don't risk your life like this.
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  8. omg, dont risk yeah and dont forget that heart rate are higher than usual
  9. i havent done skydiving high, but i've done indoor skydiving and one of those sky coaster things where they pull you like 300 feet up and you pull the cord and swing down, both high as fuck...the sky coaster i was actually high and drunk for and that shit was nutss haha....i really want to go real skydiving but the only thing is you'd have to prob make some edibles if you actually wanted to be high for it becasue im sure you have to go through a class and all that shit before you actually get into a plane and jump and by that time you wouldn't be stoned anymore.
  10. Honestly, you dont even need to smoke. The high from the jump alone is incredible. You feel sooo good and the adrenaline floods into your body when you are about to jump. I wouldnt go high your first time so you really get the true sky diving experience. either way you will love it
  11. Hmm, true. I wasn't really thinking about how my heart rate would go up from smoking, then add on jumping out of a plane. That's really my only concern now, would be having a heart attack or something.
  12. Well, Marijuana relaxes you. You most likely wont have as much addrenalin than you would if you dont smoke so i'd say go for it. Tell us the results. :D
  13. sounds like a total waste to me.... when youre up in that plane looking down, preparing to jump, youre gonna be so high on adrenaline that you'll forget that you smoked.
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  14. Don't forget to breath. When I went skydiving it was hard to breath normally at the high and the rate you fall.

  15. this will such a rush that you don't need to be high to have an awesome experience. Most importantly, you want to have a clear head the first you don't fuck up!!
  16. [​IMG]

    ppl who advice against forget the purpose of dank; namely, enhancement

    smoke in the bathroom right before the flight
  17. Fuck getting high, I plan on tripping acid when I sky dive :)
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  18. LOL, as your falling you will probly feel like your swimming inside of a pool and as you look down is lollipops sticking out the ground and u wanna lick em... then looking up at the plane will look like a white rhino smiling at you.
  19. well since it's a tandem jump your instructor might notice your high,,,,keep your money and not let you jump.....and you might have a problem with your heart rate
  20. for reals man, youre gonna be so fucking scared up there.... being high is the last thing u need.

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