Skydiving high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by slinkyonrampage, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. seems like you've had the experience of skydiving on acid before.... ahah
  2. Bwahahaha! I'm sorry but you're an idiot. :(

    I skydive regularly (have about 350 jumps so far) and YOU are the type of person we hate to see walk onto the dropzone; full of your own hot sh*t and a reckless attitude when others are in a plane with you or strapped to you. I've seen it before. Group of younger kids come up to make a jump, sign in, then go hang out while they wait (but also trying to drink or smoke in the parking lot or something sly). Trust me, if your Tandem Master suspects you're under the influence at all, he'll hand you a refund with a welcome invitation to come back another time...SOBER. :cool:

    Besides, it's WAAAAY better if you're sober. The physical and mental feelings are overwhelming and give you extreme clarity. Skydiving and drugs do not mix; save the "festivities" for AFTER the jump like all the other cool kids, when you can talk about it vividly (because you actually remember it better) and impress your buddies with your kick ass story. Who knows, you might get hooked like I did. But please don't endanger yourself and others in the plane if there were to be an emergency. It's seriously not worth it. Good luck and blue skies. :)
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  3. I'd suggest sky diving sober the first time, then get high the next time.

    It'd suck if you freak out and end up backing out, which is more likely to happen if your high

  4. I couldn't agree more with this, fuck i am so fucked up 1 hitter quitter shittttt! :smoking::smoking:
  5. um... yea not sure if this is a good idea. skydiving is hard enough with out being fucked up:confused:
  6. the first time i went skydiving i ate a faaaat ass brownie. youll be high man, but as soon as you get in that plane and it takes off, your adrenaline kicks in and you sober up real quick. haha

    it'll be better to just jump sober and enjoy a bowl when you get back to earth.
  7. First time is probably not smart. Sounds like a good way to have a massive panic attack and ruin your time.

    Second time, go for it. But I wouldn't think you'd even feel it 2 seconds out of the plane. Really high adrenaline is a lot stronger an experience than your bud is going to be.
  8. Well after taking in all the posts, looks like i'll be making the jump sober. Maybe i'll try going pairsailing stoned if I make it to the beach this summer. I think actually floating midair would just be amazing when you are high. My buddy and I are saving up a few g's of some of the best dank we have ever smoked for the occasion if it happens.
  9. ive done it a few times...first time i woldnt do it high...the feeling is so nuts that you dont need to be wouldnt want to be....but after you do it once, theres nothing spectacular about it, still relaly fun, but that initial jump is the best smoke if i went again.
  10. ive been skydiving and i suggest doing it sober the first time. after that get ripped all you want!
  11. I kinda feel like no matter how ripped I was, once I got up in the air and was staring down at the earth I'd sober up pretty fuckin quick. But who knows...One way to find out!
  12. I'm pretty sure I'd lose all my breathing capabilities and shit. I can barely run when I'm high, muchless fall from a plane at over 100 MPH. I think it'd be too much for me...but it does sound fun!
  13. i would forget i had a parachute and come to terms that i was going to die. Then the parachute would open and I would pass out

  14. scared money dont make no money.
  15. Before I die I have to hit the salvia divinorium rightttt before I jump off the plane with Hendrix in the earphones!!! [ame=]YouTube - Jimi Hendrix - Power to love - Band Of Gypsys 1970[/ame]
  16. It's an unbelievable experience, I was sober when I did it and tend to think you should be the first time at least.
  17. I'd assume as soon as you jump out the airplane, you'd instantly sober up and completely forget the fact yer ripped. Hell, it's worth a try though.
  18. dude that would be fucked. But i'd sooo do it.
  19. The rush is the high itself. I don't think you need herb to help you out there, buddy.
  20. I'd do it sober the first time. I don't know, I think doing something like that high would be too much for me.

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