Skunk Smell Immunity!?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by growmannow, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. I don't know if anyone else has had the same experience as myself but it seems I don't smell skunk as much as others do anymore from plants. Is this common? I am guessing you grow used to it? I smell it some but not like I used to. Smell lots of other things though but most only smell skunk... What do you know about this??
  2. by skunk do you mean the smell of marijuanna plants in general? I never thought weed smelled anything like a skunk but some ppl swear it does. I grew for bout 5 years and I never got used to or desensitized to the aroma of flowering plants. I actually feel like I smell it n recognize dif scents within it distinguishing dif strains from one another.
  3. I think you might want to check your nose bro!! LOL.. From all I have seen, smelled, grown since being reintroduced to weed, since the first really potent plants in the 90's, i think?, came into being they all are very skunky!??! The trics in a very potent plant smell exactly like a skunk but I, like you, smell other thing mostly these days.. Before it was very very very skunk smell.... If it aint got no funk it can't be from skunk, and all the great ones I believe are... White Russian is from Widow and AK47 and both are skunky as hell or am I in a dream world..... Thanks.

  4. As males get older their sense of smell in general dulls, so...
  5. i grew white widow for years n never woulda said it was skunky. But I've had to come in close contact with real skunks so I think my idea of a skunky smell is a bit more then when ya drive by roadkill.

    Toasty, what do you think?

    If weed rly smelled like skunks Id have a striped buddy with a fog license round its neck :laughing:
  6. Dude! Are you Serious??? No skunk smell??? Weed does not smell like skunk??? Dude you are not growing weed my friend...

  7. :laughing: yeah that must be it :laughing: look at what ur sayin then look at the thread title.... :laughing: maybe i fall into the immunity community after having to deal with legit skunks a cpl times lol
  8. Well yes the whole got used to it is what I was about but you did say you don't think weed smells like skunk and well that is just amazing. I mean you have posted over a thousand times. You would think you have read or spoken to someone about weed smelling like a skunk. Or heard of skunk weed! I mean dude come on man!!! Why do you really think they call it skunk... Don't screw around saying you don't know smells like skunk... Never heard that stuff... I just don't understand that at all.. Anyone who grows weed knows the sweet sweet smells of ripe skunk weed... Please someone else tell me you did not know weed smelled like skunk! What strain does not these days???

  9. i've grown skunk strains and they are truly stinky but I think it is a very good stinky. I find it near impossible to put into words. I may be crazy but I know weed n the smells very well
  10. I'm a grower and have several "skunky" strains. I also can tell different strains by the smell. Having said that, I do become somewhat desensitized, especially at harvest, when in the drying, trimming room for long periods ,it gets to where I don't really notice the smell much.:smoke:
  11. My point exactly! You did see that statement that he made saying he did not think weed smelled like skunk yes??? Just curious!!

  12. With "skunk" strains the overtones of the odor are VERY simular, it just doesn't have the bitterness that "Pepe' LePew" has in reality.

    Have some that are "skunky", some are "fruity", some smell like cat piss, some like spice, some like citrus, and many other odors. But they ALL smell like the Herb Superb to me:D

  13. wow, really? my boyfriend always thinks I'm being crazy when I smell something bad because he doesn't smell it. now I see...:devious:
  14. er maybe its cuz ur bf is the one makin em :laughing:
  15. Yeah yeah yeah.. Some smell like blueberries, yadayada yada! White Widow, AK all skunk derived.. All the best is skunky sorry but true... Skunk is the cross that made all the rules in great weed period... White Widow does not smell like skunk?? WoW... And I prefer to call it Wood Pussy.. Google it if you like...... Learn something new... I am done on this thread.. P.

  16. hahah, well I'd say that was a good guess but there's this elevator in my building that I hate and we had to take it and I was complaining about the smell and he was like "its fine in here" and I was like REALLY? I JUST LOST MY APPETITE...:p
  17. You don't grow weed! You never have! No fucking way you don't know skunk smell on weed if you have grown White Widow as you say! It is just not possible.. I have grown 4 times and over 14 strains and there is just no way anyone does not know skunk on weed smell period....!:confused:

  18. There's no place on GC for this kind of disrespect, kindly rein it in. Smell is very subjective, so what may be obvious to you about smells may not be to someone else, and vice versa. And, you haven't run across every phenotype of every strain called White Widow quite yet, 4 grows is a decent base of experience but not enough to have seen (and smelled) everything...

    Yeah, women have better sense of smell than men, and in both sexes it becomes less sensitive with age. Google it.

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