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  1. I'm growing skunk #1 from sensi seeds which is 35% sativa and 65% indica. On the website it says 45-50 days flowering period. That sounds wrong seen as it's part sativa. Also i have george cervantes grow bible which mentions skunk #1 taking 10 weeks. Im on week 3 flowering today and I'm wondering how will I know when to flush as I've no idea when it will be ready and I'd like to be prepared. Also here's a pic of her from about 5-6 days ago. Il post up a recent one tomorrow as its grown quite a bit since. Beautiful plant

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  2. Here's a pic of my Sensi Seeds Skunk 36 flower....I think she will finish pretty early.
  3. Forget the he said she said BS. Go by your trichs and overall appearance of the buds.
  4. i remember seeing a youtube vid of someone growing skunk for like 14+ weeks he said the longer the better LOL shit looked top notch. but just take this with a grain of salt ya dig.
  5. I agree with the above. Whats it matter what the site says or Cerventes says. All that matters is what your plant is doing. Your plant tells you when its time to harvest not a book or a website.
  6. Wow, they look awesome.! doubt mines will look anything like that as I'm using CFLs. so you base flushing on trichs.?
  7. The site I bought my seeds from said 7-11 weeks btw...I'm not even going to flush I don't grow is all organic so no chemical taste
  8. I'm just using a cheap liquid fertiliser for my first grow, been thinking of going organic next grow. here's a pic from today of my plant. With cfls will it fill out a lot more? not been getting my hopes up in case like

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  9. Happy days! I forgot about my grinders..they had tons of Kief in them. Havent opened it in like forever. Wheeeeeeee

  10. Hahaha...excellent bro...been feeling sorry for you all this time too!
  11. That plant has a long time to go. Check the trichs in about 4 weeks.
  12. Just make sure u flush that bitch the last week...:smoke:
  13. I like to do my flushing on the toilet. Flushing efficiency if you will. I even turn the can-fan on for best effect.
  14. I was curious how the Skunk #1 turned out for you and if you remember what day of 12/12 you harvested. I have some on day #55 right now but I think I have at least another 7 to 10 days.

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