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Skinny Buds...

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by jjaysbk, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. First grow from bagseed under a 600w HPS, temps are around 75-83 throughout the day. Been about 6 or 7 weeks under flower.. Don't quote me on that since I don't keep track.. its bagseed and I'm buying a magnifying tool later when I see more orange hairs (about 50%).

    The Indica's are really dank and thick. The Sativa-looking one, however, has some weird gangly thin buds that aren't thick at all... The main cola is beautiful, but you can tell in my pic that the top bud is stretching up? Whats the deal... The thing is almost touching my reflector.. its literally like 6 inches away from the 600w and my Indica's are short and fat so the light needs to be moved up even more from them..

    I ferted with GH flora about 3 days ago.. added a tiny bit more N since I saw too much yellowing.. This should be my last or 2nd to last feeding though.
    I'm thinkin they'll fatten up at the last 2 weeks.. seeing how its a Sativa dom, they take forever..

    You can see the realllllly thin one up top, something I'm not even willing to keep if it stays that way, and then the "main" cola which has thicker acceptable ones.

    Thin buds? Is there something wrong?

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  2. This is most likely the scenario, from what I have seen/heard your buds will plump up a ton towards the end
  3. Maybe its just genetics? To me that looks kinda strange..like a reveg or something, but maybe an experienced grower can tell you better for sure. :smoke:
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    Dr. Grinspoon, a 20+week sativa has similar bud structure at times. typically sativas will be a bit more airy. I wouldnt expect a great deal of swelling to take place, maybe some though. also, how do you know its only got 2 weeks left? you should harvest by the trichome color, not the hair color. generally with sativas you will want to harvest when the trichomes are mostly cloudy with little amber for a more uplifting sativa buzz.
    even if it looks the exact same at harvest, dont discount the potential quality of it. it will likely be decent smoke and if all else fails, you could probably make some decent hash from it.
    the doctor grinspoon (grown in a greenhouse) harvested in the last week of december (midwest) was probably the ugliest bud I've had to date (infamously ugly and leafy amongst friends lol) actually had an incredible high, and decent flavor. we were able to make lots of top grade handrolled hash from it too. in the last month or so, it stopped all bud development and simply packed on trichomes on the tiny strung out spear like calyxes.

    also, if you are nearing harvest, dont worry about slight nitrogen deficiencies. this will allow the smoke to be more flavorful (no green/plant taste), and also stop plant growth and help encourage bud and trichome production. for the most flavorful smoke, your garden should start showing fall colors nearing harvest time (IME)

    oh yeah, possibly consider raising your light a bit from the top of the plant. with mh/hps i like to keep at least 20 inches btween the top of the plant and the glass from the light fixture
  5. i was pretty much going to state the same thing, but i couldnt remember the name of dr. grinspoon. very well stated, cant get much clearer than that.
  6. Lots of sativa dominated plants could look like that. It depends on a ton of things. Hope its a good smoke :) I was thinking the same thing about Grinspoon.
  7. Sativa's can take 12-16 weeks to finish. The trics will tell when ready and not the red hairs....So you may have some time for the buds to develop and fill out...;)
    I would raise your light to about 12" as a 600 watt hid 6" above the plant is to close and will cause heat stress...
  8. Thanks all for the helpful replies.

    I understand to look at the little crystals, which I didn't plan to do before hand, and I actualy started to flush the plant before it was really done.. typical newbie mistake. I bought a mag glass today so I'll def know for sure. They're in their dark period now so I'm going to wait till later.

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