skin sucks

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. wouldnt u rather have an awesome spikey exso-skeleton?!
  2. I don't know man. It'd be awfully hard to jerk off if you had
    an exoskeleton.

  3. dunno, nevr tried
  4. Well I have, It wasn't so bad :)

  5. awesome

    all i can say is HA BLIX! HA!
  6. so soft tho....
  7. I love skin.
    Skin is good.

    Depending on the exoskeleton, it might crunch when you rolled over in your sleep and that would certainly wake you.

    Soft, smooth, silky skin doesn't crunch when you roll around in your sleep.
  8. imagine trying to have sex in an exoskeeton man...itts be like two turtles humping...i like the feeling of a womans soft skin...smooth and silky
  9. The exo-skeleton might be OK for fighting evil and such-like, but I'm quite a fan of skin. I find that when I'm a bit intoxicated, I'm really bad for caressing people (usually people of the female variety). Plus, we'd be bleeding all over the shop without any skin.
  10. If you had an exoskeleton, how would you grow? I guess you'd have to shed your skin once a year or something.
  11. dude....somehow i dont think i could get into airbrushed tattos...

    i need to feel the neddle ripping my skin!!!!!!
  12. well skin is cool, i was having a stoned moment then :p

    dunno why i sed that really lol

  13. mmmm yesss :p

    well dr krapp, at least you realize;)! mmmm skin:D

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