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  1. so im growing marjuana in my house ... some trusted people have turned theyre back on me im cared now they might of told the police or something like that my question is i know the marjuana laws and such but can they take your house for one plant please reply im quite worried :(
  2. Nah, around here you are "allowed" 5 or less..When i say allowed, i mean by law you really not supposed to grow anyways haha..thats why its so fun i guess..If anything, they'll just take your plants and give you a fine..not sure bout that part tho
  3. yeah i live in the united states more precisely illinois ? somebodys gotta know
  4. This is why i keep all of the details of everything to myself.

    My buddies don't even know who i buy my reefer off of. Keeps me safe.

    You could always browse the net for your state laws concerning marijuana cultivation. Probably isn't too difficult to find.
  5. NORML will have the answers for you, check out their not sure if its .com or .org or what but itll tell you your state laws for sure. good luck, i hope you dont get busted or anything. Oh and watch your back, could they be planning a break in!? sounds plausible if their turning their backs on you and such.

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