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  1. I have returned after a short period of time with no internet.
    I have relocated from the south side of my town to the east side, right across a bridge from downtown so I like the location.
    And as of now im in an internet cafe thizzing off 2 blue cappa E pills about to relay a recent story of mine.

    On Tuesday a few things happened.
    - I bought a new, small plastic bong (all my other bongs are being kept with friends since i couldnt let mom know i was bringng them to aunts house)
    - Me and my friend went to see Tropic Thunder while burnt out, then got high for the movie.
    - Our minds were completely fucking blown by Tropic Thunder and its stupiditiy while high and nearly shit ourselves laughing

    Anyways, after Tropic Thunder we wanted to toke up again.
    So we went across the bridge from downtown to east city and grabbed stuff from my house..
    Weed, grinder, lighters, screens, and then i plopped the new bong into a grocery bag and we headed out..

    We went to our usual spot..
    Walk by the city's official baseball diamond, go through an empty field and then you're beside the bottom of the bridge, right at the river.
    So we climb up, using Prince of Persia / Assassin's Creed maneuvering into the first large arch.

    In this arch you can sit, with your back on the slant and your feet pushed against the opposing wall.
    So we toked up here with the bong for a lil bit.
    Then we saw some teenage girls *about 5* walk down near the bottom of the. bridge.
    I turned on my cellphone so they would faintly see us..and they did.
    Seeing 2 tall 18yr olds stretched out in a dark bridge arch, which is kind of hard to get up to, is a scary sight I suppose.
    So the girls started talking between themselves and then left..
    Only they didnt leave the area, they just stood around at the foot of the hill, with trees all around, which led down to the arch.

    So we finish up..
    Climb down SLOWLY as to not fall and get wet in the river..
    And start walking up the hill to go get munchies!

    Well holy shit, you should have seen these girls react when they see us two emerge out of the darkness.
    They FREAK and scatter-run through the field.
    I can hear them saying things like "IM TRIPPING OUT" "OMG THAT SCARED ME SO MUCH"
    All the while im laughing my ass off, i could barely stand it was so funny.
    So we decide to avoid them and walk through an area of the field between the side fence and trees.


    And we just laugh, continuing onto Tim Hortons.

    We get in Tims, we are the only ones in there.
    An older lady, maybe in her 50's, is working with a younger girl maybe 14.
    And is staring at us.
    Our eyes were red probably.

    Anyways my friend orders a 6 pack of donuts.
    Goes and sits down in the corner.
    I order a 6 pack as well, with our stinky bong in a grocery bag beside me.
    Then the older woman says to the girl "These boys have the marijuana munchies!"
    She says "Oh?"
    Then she says "Right?" to me and I sort of play it off saying "Yeah I suppose"
    "Yeah, I can tell...Hey, are you and your friend just going to eat all these donuts over there in the corner by yourselves?"
    So I say "Yeah and we'll be satisfied!"
    So I take the donuts and walk over to my friend who is already chowing down.
    I give him a look of pure stoner confusion..join him in eating..

    Then nearly crying with laughter I say "lets.........leave"
    he says "ya man lets fucking go"

    So we leave and about 1 minute after leaving we see a cop car pull into Tims.
    Not unusual for a donut/coffee place but the police are almost ALWAYS downtown at that time of night and would go to the Tims downtown instead of the one over the bridge.

    So we sketch out and our stoner paranoia makes us think the cops are coming for us and we power walk back to my place.
  2. haha. I enjoyed it.

    thats awesome.
  3. well writeen man. solid story
  4. Hahaha, great story. Sounds like an average night of this summer eh? hahaha

    I especially liked the assassins creed/prince of persia maneuvering LMAO.
  5. i bet the girl working had a fun time seeing those cops come in after some blazed kids
  6. I am friends with the OP, and the only reason i wasn't with them was because i got my wisdom teeth out. wish i was there WTS, sounds funny. oh, and the rocks leading up to under the bridge do require assassin's creed style manuvering, or else you get soaked in toxic sludge. P.S. Can't wait to see the new bong! i'm buying you a new slide tonight :D
  7. nice story lol. shoulda scared the girls some more lol

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