Sketchiest place you've

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by panic man, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. ever smoked

    the sketchiest place i have ever smoked is on the tybee pier in middle of day light during the middle of Orange Crush (Savannah State University's spring break) with these two guys i bought a bag fromin then we fired up a bowl in a crowd of old people
  2. across the street from our local police station... in a parking lot..... who would ever expect some one to smoke there....;)
  3. in my bathroom :) every ngiht & morning.
    also outside a movie center right next to a copshop. hehe
  4. in my bedroom lol. thats not that sketchy but my parents are always right downstairs and if they caught me they would kill me. so i guess that is a little sketchy?
  5. lol i've smoked a joint with three friends sitting at a bus stop on the busiest intersection in Los Angeles, to top it off its actually Beverly Hills, meaning the cops are fucking everywhere. It was in broad daylight, I dont know what I was thinking, I dont know how I didnt get caught, I didnt give a fuck, it was fun.....
  6. ive toked on the bus quite a few times, just chilling in the back.

    LOTS of weed in the middle of town, public smoking is no biggy here, and cops you see will think its a smoke, everyone else just couldnt give a fuck.
  7. Got caught by the head of security himself at an Argos football game once, when I was a kid. Let me go. Never took too many chances after that. Maybe a rock concert. But everyone smokes there. It just felt funny smoking outside in front of a lot of people. Now I don't have to worry about that one any more.
  8. dude me and my bros smoked right out in my friends driveway. it was pretty cool!
  9. in a parking lot right next to nashville metro department. Had to smoke a blunt with a friend before we went to the strip club
  10. The first time (only time so far) that I smoked at a concert, security kept following me and my few buddies around. It was probably cause one of my buddies was on pain killers and kept passing out though.. Had 5 joints. It was WEIRD smokin and passing it in front of alllll those people. It was at a perfect circle and nine inch nails concert. weeee.

  11. lol i went to tybee island on a field trip once.....

    anyways, the sketchiest place i've smoked is on a golf course...just did a one hitter right on the green.....
  12. On two rides (Giant Wheel and the Monorail) at Hersheypark when I used to work, I could have been fired :p
  13. i smoked in my grand parents bathoom this easter (aka 4/20) and it took awile for the fan to kick in. i was gonna wait till after i went back home, but just thought wtf. i cant remeber much at the moment.

  15. i smoked joints in the mall, on buses and in one of my classrooms on the last day of college, mmm theres gotta be loads more but i can't member right now.
  16. work, school bathroom, school parking lot, j-walking across the strip in las vegas smoking a blunt while walking between hundreds of cars. the dave concert right infront of security and shit.
  17. i was at my first wsp concert in savannah last year and i was smokein right in front of the security guard and he asked if he could have a hit
  18. Way to go THC! Keep up the good work. By the way how's the veggie chamber coming?
  19. ive smoked in church,behind church.. basement, with cops around, hot tub n pool, i dunno,thats really all the places...i guess im too paranoid to smoke other places
  20. Well I guess I'd have to say in a truck in a field right by a police station... yeah I know, stupid, I was 17 and just wanted to get high it was secluded enough.. we never did get caught! LoL

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