Sketchiest place you have ever smoked?

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  1. Mine was when I was 12 my first time actually. Me and my cousin got a pre-rolled (free) joint from his neighbor who unrolled a cig took out the tobacco and put in the Mary Jane.
    It was near Christmas and we bought some zippos from Spencer's with no lighter fluid. So we went on being dumbasses and he stole a cheapass lighter from Cenex. The thing didn't work so we kept trying to light it in the cold. So finally we go to K-mart and go into the family room and try it. The J broke in half so we had 2 for each of us. 
    His lighted kinda and mine did but died before I could get a puff. So he threw the lighter on the ground while I was paranoid because we were in a bathroom. So he ate his and got high. I ate half of mine and was buzzed. So we go home and I use a lighter in the morning just before school and smoke it. Didn't get high though I inhaled wrong. 
    Whats your sketchy story?

  2. ...okay then.

    Sketchiest place i ever smoked was either in the back of the gym class or the girls bathroom. I think girls bathroom was sketchier cuz i coulda got expelled... Guess i coulda got expelled either way lol.

    I also took a hit in the back of the school bus. Wasnt my blunt. Bus driver called the cops but they found nothing.

    Jails also a pretty sketchy place to smoke bud. If the goon squad catches you they raid your whole unit... After they beat your ass.
  3. Walmart hah

    -Stayupp g

  4. u cant get high bu eating weed without cooking it

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    Right in front of my high school. Literally right after my friends and I got out of school we were toking it up in across the street in front of my school. It was truly some 1 hitter quitter shit too.
  6. Hot boxed at a drive in. These kids were fucking around outside our car so we yelled at them and told them to leave then there mom came and smelt the car. Long story short she got the drive in people and we bailed.

  7. Mine was in the hospitality area of a wrestling tournament ( where all the refs/coaches/parents who help run the tournament and go eat and get food) in the back during a semis of a tournament I was helping run me and two other wrestlers helping me stood some mats up and made a fort and smoked it out..

  8. A allsups bathroom. When I was like 14 I had got my first blunt and I was going on a rode trip and I couldn't decide whether or not to smoke. So as we stopped at a allsups I was like f it and smoked a little bit in the bathroom lol there was a long line to I was like wtf is that smell lol
  9. Second time I've done this today......

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  10. My school bus. theres always those snitches but I hid the bud between my ass cheeks and the cops never found nothing :yay:
  11. But for real, so many threads on this....

    Behind cinema, opposite police station, hotel room, beach filled with people.
  12. in a big field trying to hide behind some trees when there was a kid's baseball game being played about 200 or so feet away. the scariest time i had when smoking was driving with my friend we were smoking from the bong and we drove past the police station. paranoia at its finest kicked in.
  13. By the LA river in culver city, in one of those big ass sewer pipes/tunnels. It was all sketchy, full of graffiti and with a stream of stank ass water running through it. We rolled up two blunts and smoked them in there. The whole time we were tripping out because we could hear someone at the other end. Good times though
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  14. a hotel rooftop in mexico
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    The sketchiest place I smoked was when some friends and I lit two joints and hot boxed a ski lift. We had just under a minute to finish them both so needless to say we were gone by the time we reached the top. ...and it was my first time skiing :lol:Sent from my SGH-I997 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  16. My friend and I picked up in front of a police station before... why, I don't know as I wasn't driving.
    Sketchiest place was probably a graveyard. It was sketchy cause it was late at night and my imagination was on overdrive.
  17. Damn, I live in Colorado now so I should go to the fairy caves and hotbox the lifts too. Good stories  :smoking:
  18. Literally 10 metres away from a police station haha oops...
  19. That's not sketchy at all. I go snowboarding about twice a week during the winter, and I smoke on the lift every time. I have never been talked to by the people that work there and I have not once seen a cop there.
  20. Riding in the back seat of a cadillac smoking a blunt with a drug dealer and i had a a quarter on me. Dont know how much the drug dealer had on him. Such a stupid thing to do now that i think back..

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