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    Went downtown today and picked up 5 hits of "acid" for $4 each, it was a bargain so I went for it. But the person I bought it from was a sketchy looking guy (ex-hippie, almost know what I mean). Planning on dosing tonight 1 of the King-Sized Smarties candies.

    The main thing I'm worried about is getting a load of research chemicals instead of acid (DOB, DOM, PCP, etc). Is there a simple test I can do to see if it's pure. It might just be bunk candies hah :rolleyes:. I have heard that the other chems taste bitter :confused:.


    EDIT: Also, it is in the form of large size smarties. They all have a dark spot towards the center that looks as if a liquid was poured on, the spot varies in shape and size. Hmmm
  2. i put acid on the big smarties once...its hard to get a uniform drop size so those doses might vary a bit. one drop can very from like 1-5 hits depending on how fat he let the drop get lol

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