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  1. Awesome skating very smooth well preformed.
    When i was about 17 i filmed skating videos and dude i learned one thing *style* is all you need no matter what all of my friends could land a varial double heel flip but only 2 of them i enjoy seeing them do the trick. Arab skaters all very good i have to admit
  2. Very legit. I was expecting to see some lame ass video with a 5 stair and a pussy who doesn't know how to ollie. Work on your style. You can do a lot of tricks which is great but even your push off looked sloppy for someone that good. Best of luck
  3. Keep that shit up. I can't even tell if you're goofy or regular. (I'm gonna go for wild guess....youre regular)
  4. yeah im regular
    most of thats switch !!!

    and to the guy saying i need to work on my style
    we are making a new video already
    that whole part was filmed with TERRIBLE skateboards and only 3 pairs of shitty shoes
    took over a year to film but now we are getting footage for the new video really quick

    thanks for the feedback!
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    dude your a pretty sick fuckin skater, but like everyone else said your style isnt the smoothest

    the flip trick to tail/nose slide you did at 2:10 was fuckin sick, i went back and watched it a couple times

    props for sure, keep it up

    edit: that little kid colton trayton or whatever is the fuckin sickest skter in that whole video, how old is he anyway he looks like he's 11 or somethin
  6. hes 14 or 15

    hahaha he just looks tiny!
    ima get a better part together kinda soon

    hey im in that video haha
  8. yeah you look good in the video too....qtpie :p

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