sk8 boarding stoned hehe and other of ur stories

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by mini_toker, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. i went sk8 bording stoned it was so fun but weird there was all these bikers there and a big fight broke out between us and me and friends were all stoned outta our minds and we smash up one of there tires by accident and the whoke group of bikers got like so pissed and tryed running us down with there bikes but we got of our boards and hit them in the heads with the trucks and K.O them then the other came at us and 2 of my friends knew kung fu and they were all like "AHHHHHH ME KILL U NOE AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" it was so funny my friend broke his arm and the other friend shatterd a nut and i broke my nose trying to run up the 1/4 pipe by slaming my nose of the coping but we K.O most of the bikers and the ones we didnt knock out ran omg it was so funny

    if u have any other storys like this post them here hehe
  2. I'm confused...:hippie:
  3. haha fuck dis bitch right above me i though the story was pimp i could see that hapening totally... fucking bike bitches lol

  4. ^^^lomfao

  5. ya blow me bitch lets see u come up wit a better story that tru and dont be bitching about the post differences cuz that has nuttin to do wit anything that story is real u just cant addmit it cuz ur life suck like my last gf u fucking anal dwelling piss blister

    and as for the "fat mouth" comment shut the fuck up i have nuttin wrong with fat ppl but im skinny very skinny and i dont need sum punkass mofo talking shit about sum1 they dont even kno or ever seen cept in there sexual fanticys if they have the mental capacity to develope one and if u wanna bitch at me more then do it on msn

    ur such a stupid fucking homo kno ur fucking facts b4 u fucking speak but of corse thats not gonna happen cuz ur a fucking retarded comp geek thats never had a gf cuz they dont do outside cept for school
  6. how the hell did i get brought into this????

  7. its a real story and u kno nuttin about me by the way i speak or anything

    "me and my kind" wtf is that susspodsd to mean!?!?!?!? ru being a racist to jews or sumthing if i u lived any near me id kick ur fucking ass and leave u in a sewer naked fucking faget racist
  8. close the thread before it gets loose and terrorizes the city!!
  9. yes plz do that

  10. hahahhahahahh!

    everyone, beware the tough guy!! he'll beat you up over the internet!!

    i hope you asked your mom for permission to be on the net kiddo.
  11. i live on my own fuckwad i wont beet u down not worth the trouble or effort and who r u to talk about me that way tell me mr.lardass plz do tell
  12. I like skateboarding.
  13. rotflmao thats funny but can sum1 plz close this thread and delete it if its not to much trouble
  14. oh boy. These people really do sound like kids.
  15. i here ya shagra...

    meaningless threats are somewhat of a childish thing... and when they are over the internet.... well thats just the peak of maturity.
  16. LMAO! WOW. . . now everyone knows what I mena when I say some people just shouldnt be alowed to play this game called the internet. It's to open ended some people turn into idiotic jerkoffs while playing.


    but yeah I agree wiht the whole closing the thread thing this is just a classic sign of a good post gone wrong.

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