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  1. I have always described my political views as liberal but the increasing climate of SJW ridiculousness in recent years has forced me to re-evaluate this.

    For example, the growing trends in man hating feminists/people saying they are against racism whilst overtly being racist (as seen in droves on social media and also in real life IE Evergreen College etc)/the generalization of groups of people (whether it be by race or position IE police).

    To these people everything is racist/misogyny/homophobic which actual undermines actual racism/misogyny/homophobia. With this in mind I would now be ashamed to describe myself as liberal and now describe myself as a centralist (which seems the most logical way to be IE facts over political leanings).

    I understand most of these people are young and extremely naive, but the recent trend of the need to acquire victim-hood to feel special is very much now out of hand. I'm sick of emotion/feelings taking precedence over facts, logic and reasoning.

    Is anyone else in this position feeling the same? Can anyone point me in the direction of a clinical study that looks at this victim-hood psychology?
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  2. I self identify as a tomato. Where is my bath room. Oh you have questions? You don't get to ask questions you bigot you don't understand my struggles. NOW WHERE IS MY BATHROOM and all this other shit...
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  3. Yeah i probably should have included the disregarding of known biological systems too.

    Personally I identify as an Apache Helicopter
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  4. you are not a lone. While I only considered myself a liberal from the age of 18-19...maybe a year, lol. There are many people who feel the same way. Its really sad that the dems choose to engage in identity politics and essentially alienate anyone who was moderate in the process. And now, even though everyone knows this, they haven't stopped. They have no message, all they have is "resisit!" well, even some of the most hard core liberals are going to see the issue with this stance, especially if they expect to be in their house or senate seats beyond 2018.

    So, in short, you are certainly not alone.
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  5. thats a good choice, I prefer an f35 or f117a though ;) I cant decide between one, so on even days I'll be the f35 and on odd days I can be the f117/a
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  6. Yeah, it's become very frustrating to see fellow liberals take up the empty position left behind by the Christian conservatives of the '80s and '90s. Victimhood has quickly become the new religion of America and throughout western Europe. It has even reached such a fever-pitch that now straight white men are clamoring for victim cards to wave in the air at protests.

    What's probably the most irritating thing about outrage culture is their frustrating logic. They don't even follow their own rules. They say, those who belong to category X are oppressed and ought to have their voices heard, but when individuals belonging to one of said oppressed groups don't parrot their radical talking points, well, their voice gets suppressed.

    What they want isn't the liberation of marginalized people--it's the propagation of their ideology. They're power-hungry Bolsheviks who crave the feeling of control. That's why they choose to crash free-speech rallies or hold small liberal colleges hostage instead of concentrating their energy on combating real problems (the War on Drugs). They just want to tell people what to do.
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  7. Sjws are annoying as shit. But the counterjerk is probably just as annoying if not more annoying. It's gotten to the point where because people cried racist at the tiniest microagression that people can say some pretty blatantly racist shit and it's brushed off as being perfectly acceptable by the anti sjw crowd. Like with most debates both extremes are annoying as fuck.
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  8. You disagree it seems with almost all of dems policies. Seems like bullshit that SJW's are the only thing pushing you away from dems when you seem to denounce almost every liberal position. Your views are not moderate in any way. Maybe they pushed away other moderates with their identitarian bullshit but you are certainly not one of fhem
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  9. I don't think I've seen an SWJ over this side of the pond. Have been keeping an eye out since I've heard of them but nothing yet. It must be native only to the US. I don't understand what it's all about to be honest so I may not be best qualified to comment but of course I'll go on anyway.

    Why does it really bother people? Who cares? It's good people who feel discriminated against are speaking up. That's what living in the free world feels like. Breathe the air now because if you don't like living in the free world you could always take your ass off to Russia or Saudi Arabia. It's Un American to deny your fellow citizens their right to speak out.
  10. That's not what an SJW is. An SJW is someone who largely exaggerates his/her/whatever's own disadvantage in society and supposes that due to this (largely imagine) handicap that every complaint they have about the world around them ought to be taken at face value. They subscribe to an unreflective ideology that tells them that because they belong to group X that they can't be pieces of shit. It's the world that's wrong, never them. This causes a lot of problems because it conflates real issues with imaginary ones.
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  11. You can still be a liberal without getting involved with the far left wackos.
    Just like you can be a conservative and not be a religious anti science nut bag.
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  12. I think we can all agree that everyone just needs to get stoned and fuck off for a bit.

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  13. I understand conflating real issues with imaginary ones alright. Trump just banned Americans who want to serve their country. That's what we should be fretting about rather than chopping off dicks or sowing on dicks and toilet requirements.
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  14. I don't think they should be stifled as long as they are peaceful. I don't give a fuck, I'm all about freedom of speech and to do as you please but they can fuck the fuck off with trying to get the government involved to make laws to force the rest of us to cater to their mental illness and at the slightest sign of opposition they riot in the streets and destroy the personal property of people and businesses that have nothing to do with their fake victimization. Take Starbucks for example. One of the most extremely and openly leftist corporations in America and these clowns are smashing their windows in and trashing the place. Starbucks is on your side you fucking morons! Why and you throwing a temper tantrum and trashing their business?
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  15. This is why i describe myself as a centralist.
  16. You can stop making excuses for violence and immorality and look into voluntarism ;)
  17. I'm from the UK too and its very much present here too. It's rife in social media, Youtube, universities and iv'e heard these leanings on the street too. It's a generational thing, like i said, I'm in my mid thirties but i do also keep my finger on the pulse. Plus I'm a student so i would imagine I am more likely to be exposed to these people.
  18. Like i said before, I prefer to be lead by facts, logic and reason. I would class that as a centralist.
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  19. This is the politics forum mate. We are speaking on politics. If you don't wanna talk politics there's loads of other forums here.
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  20. Way to deflect. Trump is an idiot, do you want a medal? This whole post boils down to, "but, but, but the right does it too." So what? Conservatives acting like idiots doesn't give you the license to do the same

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