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Sizzle weed ....... opinion poll

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Humboldtbuddha, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. OK here goes , i just want to get a concensus on what if any reasons folks have found for sizzle weed , what stories you been feed by local dealers , any research you have done on it any thing pertinent to SIZZLE WEED i.e. any weed regardless strain that sizzles when lit but is dry and look all most like a electrical storm passing over surface of weed ... you know what i mean ? well lets hear it , stories , info and all that jazz .....Thanks
  2. All my weed sizzles, just take a big hit. :D
  3. aint such a thing.

    its called "im-high-yet-still-taking-a-hit-so-it-looks-cool"
  4. I think that the crackling is a sign that the weed wasn't flushed properly before harvest? Not sure though.

    For me only mids seem to crackle, and they don't smoke as well, no matter how dry. :mad:

    And i still don't understand why you compared it to an electrical storm, lol. :smoking:
  5. Yeah ive never heard of it either.
  6. ive gotten some nuggets like that before, at first i thought it was laced with like raid or something stupid because the kid i got it from is the dumbest dealer ever, but now that i think about it it could just be like fertilizer or something that.......did you get an extreme headache after you smoked your sizzle weed? because i did and it sucked
  7. OK just 2 clarify I only ask cause seems be alot people coming to my boys complaining about this sizzle weed they been getting ... seems to me that either its A didnt flush at end flower cycle or B its summin like tasty puff to make turd weed taste better .... just trying get a handle on reasons that it would sizzle and or similiar stories seemd to be mainly sour strains and purps ...
  8. tasty puff doesnt make a sizzle, it just tastes like nothing in my opinion. uh sizzle weed made be because of moisture maybe. putting to much fire on a wet nug, like a super wet nug may make a crackling sound. it has happened to me before......
  9. I've had this happen with all sorts of weed, not often, but not necessarily more with lesser quality bud. I've never found it to be a detriment to the quality of the green, but maybe the taste which is potentially indicitative of a flushing issue but probably could easily be a number of things, including perhaps the use of a foliar spray after budding occurs. Maybe its tiny stem fragments that don't dry all the way... not sure at all.
  10. mine's sizzling right now. I think it's the thc oils burning. It tastes good and gets me really ripped.
  11. I have noticed the same thing. Weed that Flat out. Head ache weed. I once scored some "dank" looking buds, Airy w/ seed pod looking buds and sizzled....junk. Ended up selling my stash, that's how bad it was.
  12. I don't think I've ever heard of someones weed sizzling. Cracking/crackling is the sound of you smoking a seed.
  13. I really hope this thread doesn't turn out like the THC worms thread. But on the other hand I've had some ganj that sizzled. Usually on the green hit it would only happen though. I think it wasn't dry enough.
  14. That's because the grower didn't flush the fertilizers out before harvesting it, or it can be really dry.
  15. A while ago I got a QP of weed with sugar sprayed on it. Made it look really crystally and weighed it down. The sugar casued it to sizzle.
  16. its either something put on the dry buds, or the plant wasnt flushed all the way & that sizzle is the fert salt & chemical burning.
  17. if its crackling and ur gettin headaches, then ur smokin seeds man
  18. Don't smoke "sizzle weed". That is the pesticides burning and cracking.

    Is Your Dispensary Poisoning You?
    WARNING: The American Medical Marijuana Association is concerned that some cannabis dispensaries may be selling cannabis that may be contaminated with pesticides.
    A recent study done by AMMA suggests that contaminated cannabis is being sold by California dispensaries, possibly on a fairly widespread basis. Two of the most common pesticides being used are Malathion and Avid.
    Some may complain that AMMA is overreacting by issuing this warning, but the tragic story of recently deceased Jane Wierick should serve as a sober message to all.
    In order to combat this disturbing trend, AMMA is inviting California dispensaries to submit samples of their 'Best Medicine' for testing and evaluation. In the meantime, we suggest patients do three things to protect themselves from contaminated cannabis.
    --First, look at your herb under a magnifying glass. If you see dead bugs, your herb is probably contaminated with pesticide(s). --Second, look at the color of your ash. Cannabis ash that is black or dark gray may be contaminated and probably is of a grade that should not be consumed. Medical grade cannabis should always leave a white or light gray ash. (make sure your herb is completely dried before toking and judging the ash)
    --Third, listen to how your herb burns. If you hear a popping or crackling sound, it indicates that something has contaminated the herb enough to disrupt the normally quiet burning process.
    If you are a California Dispensary, operating within the legal guidelines of SB 420, then please contact AMMA today about how you can have your herb tested and receive a "Best Medicine" Award from AMMA."

    This warning was posted on the American Medical Marijuana Association website a while back.
  19. i think this only happens because it's so dry. when you burn a huge bonfire it will crackle like fuck. this didn't happen to me at first but when my weed has been sitting for a month or two it will crackle.
  20. Ok, so my weed was sizzling, yet again so I came here searching for answers. Just wanted to point out that I too have noticed it seems to be mainly with PK. The weed was always top notch though, which leads me to think the lack of flushing theory would make sense. I mean most of the dankest weeds need the right balance of nutrients right?

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