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    ok so i am thinking of getting 2 1000w bulbs to put in a 3'11 x 7'11x 6'7 tent.. do you think i would be able to fit 2 1000w air cooled hood systems in there. the reflectors are 8 inch.

    or should i get a bigger tent

    for ventelation ill be using a 8 inch vortex van 747cfm just for cooling the 2 bulbs.. IS THAT ENOUGH CFM??... for exhaust a 6 inch vortex fan 450cfm... intake a 8 inch vortex but going into my flower room and veg room

    im doing a perpetual but once i get this started im thinking ill be getting around 1 -3 pounds evrey harvest veging plants for around 2 months .. how much would u guys think i could harvest with 2 600w and also how much with 2 1000w ?

    im just looking for a setup that is going to give me enough medicine i dont want to run out....
    any ideas welcome ..

    if need be i can build a flower room and than just buy a tent for my veg/mother/cloneing room ..

    oh and also i plan on using a 400w mh and 2 200w cfls in my veg room is this a good amount of light for say a 5 x5 room? i want to constantly have say 4 or 5 strains so id need for example 5 mothers if i have 5 mothers in this veg room how many other veg plants could i also fit in it.. if someone could suggest a good size to be able to hold 5 mother plants and 8 - 10 veg plants veged for around 2 motnths lstd .. and clonessss? i can get whatever size tent for veg moneys not an issue..

    ill figure out how much room i have and i might even be able to push it up a little in the flower room to 2 600w and 1 1000w will seee ..

    your input is welcome
  2. My guess on harvest is 2-4 pounds (with 2 x 1000W) if you do a good job. (0.5-1 gram per Watt.)
    That's a good sized 'tent', so as long as your ventilation is good you should be OK. Not sure about the cfm for cooling the lights, but if the overall in/out air is a couple of times the grow room size, you should be OK, I'd say.
    It's pretty late here and I'm pretty tired, so I'll leave others to answer the other questions since they're dependent on pot sizes, 'mother' sizes etc. and correct me if I'm wrong on the cfm side of things. This'll get you started, at least.
  3. im also thinking of going with 3 1000w air cooled hoods in there 3'11" x 7'11" x 6'7... do you guys think id be able to fit 3 1000watts in that space..?

    heres the dimensions of the reflectors ill be using.. i also have the entire very top of the tent open execpt for a carbon filter hangin at the top with some ducting im planning on having all my fans mounted on the outside..? good or bad idea? .. if that room size isant big enough for 3 1000w air cooled hoods what size of a room would be a better match for that many watts of hid.?
  4. sorry i meant to say i would be trying to fit 3 600w lamps in a 7'11x 3'11 x 6'7 tent.. with 8 inched air cooled hooods.. would this fit? im also trying to keep all of my fans outside of my tent to maximize space.. is this possible?

  5. Can't see why it would not be possible. For the fans if you use a strong inline exhaust and have passive intake coming up from the floor (air-hockey style) there is no reason why any fan needs to be in the room at all; you'll have a constant updraft moving from the floor towards the exhaust fan.

    Check out what this dude is doing with almost an identical space as yours and a single 600watt hid on a mover.

    My newbish academic opinion: a single 1000watt on a mover in that same space will get you better results than three static 600 watts; because there is a light saturation point after which a plants chloroplast gets fucked up, and also because of the benefits of diffused lighting as well as improved canopy penetration of the 1000watts. Take that with a grain of newb salt- I haven't grown a shred of anything nor do I have a shred of anything currently growing.

    For reference here is a good basic rundown on photosynthesis and chloroplast:

    pdf version

    power point version

    My thinking is a little like yours: I want the grow-space to be self-contained and to have as little of anything other than light and plants as possible.
  6. alright guys thanks but im still tryna figure this shit out.. kinda unrelated

    so in my flower room i plan to have about 14 plants in the 5x8 room? is that good/

    so in my veg room its basicly 4'9 x'49 space.. and i plan to have 6 bigger mother plants all diffrent strains and around another 14 veg plants and some clones? should i upgrade the size or do i already have enough i will most likley veg them for about 1 month maybe less.

    so in total in my veg room ill have around 20 plants plus clones

    any ideas
  7. Easy - work out what size pots you'll be using, then see how many fit in the area.

    Regarding the lights, if they fit in the area you're good to go. Just check on temps and increase ventilation if necessary.

    Every setup is different depending on ambient temps, strain, etc etc.

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