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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by 420skils, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. How tall should a outdoor plant be after a week?

    Mine is a little over 2 inches tall
  2. can be anywhere depends on strain, but yours sounds fine, the "second" set of leaves should be appearing?
  3. yup, the "second" set of leaves is grown, but the leaves are kinda drooping already, what causes that? and waht should i do about it?
  4. without pics it is hard to tell, but provided you are only watering, no ferts at this stage, and the soil is damp - do not let it dry out or have it like a swimming pool, then I would suggest it will be ok. Remember the fine 'erb are tough little bastards!
    Just water and sun for now and all will be fine..
    good luck.
  5. what type of fert. should i use? they are outdoors if that matter at all...otherwise there growing well now.
  6. try using miracle gro during the veg stages, then use a tomato fert or any high P fert for flowering.
    good luck
  7. Just wondering what kinda soil your using, and are you using perlite or ne thing special? Most of the time the light is what causes Droppyness, but it wouldnt just cause the leaves to droop it would cause the whole plant to droop if its only 2 inches tall. I wouldnt really worry about it.....

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