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how do you like your partner?

  1. Really big.

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  2. Big and cuddly

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  3. average or slightly above.... just something to hold onto.

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  4. neat and slim

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  5. really thin. petit.

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  6. REEEAALLLLYYYY THIN! supermodel style.

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  7. just like Ashley Judd!!

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    since this thread seemed to take a bizzare spin in a completely different direction... i thought i\'d post the thread to represent the tangent.

    haha... and no... it\'s not about boobage or dickness.... its just about u.

    and i\'m keepin it in pandora\'s because i know that ther relevance to sex is somehow gonna get thrown in here. :p
    throw in your cuppage or inchage if like.... i\'m not gonna because there\'s too many people who know me here now. haha. :D

    5foot 11 inches (i think thats about 178-180 cm...?)
    9 & half stone. (i dunno what that is in pounds or kilos)
  2. 6\'1\" 230 lbs

    and my dickness is somewhere between 2 and 18 inches
  3. 6\'2\" and 235lb.... size 14 shoe .....
  4. 5\'4\"
    I don\'t want to tell you my weight (let\'s just say I\'m not thin, or super fat...kinda slightly above average)
  5. hehe god this is embarasing

    5\'9\" (maybe 8)
    oh god...
    8stone hehe man i hate my metabolism, i eat ok but i dont put on weight. i am probably transparent i am so skinny.
  6. 1/2 cm hair on head
    size 10/11 feet (UK)
    average fingers
    small toes
    nice eye diameter
    i have some kneecaps too but i dont know default sizes for \'em

    not going into anything tooooo personal, just pointless funny stuff
  7. 5\'8 i be short =0P
    shaggy med. length hair (black)
    125 lbs.
    i\'m pretty perportional all around thank goodness

    this is a little embarassing huh? ^_^
  8. 6\'0\" and 220 lbs.

    12 shoe

    grew through my hair! lol
  9. I\'m 6\', 250lbs, and built like a combination of neanderthal man and a gorilla, friends call me sasquatch, size 14 feet, giant hands, wrists and legs the size of tree trunks. I\'m a pretty beefy dude, and am scared to be with a girl under about 6\', 200 lbs, and athletic cause i feel like i\'m gonna \"break it\", i like a partner similar in size, small and petite is a turn off, supermodels are disgustingly anorexic lookin to me, and i like to see a bit of meat on the bone.

    Unfortuantely for me most \"women\" of that size and build are ex-linebackers with a sex change, so that kinda narrows it down a bit.

    That and any body under like 5\'6 and 150lbs or so look like kids to me cause i\'m always lookin down.
  10. somewhere close to 6\' but maybe a bit under up to two inches or so, i don\'t really know. i wiegh between 150-160, i fluctuate depending on how active i am what time of year and what not, i am about average build with a layer of fat just thick enough so that my abs are not really visible. i have very dark hair that looks black at times brown at others and an almost red tint in the right light, currently my hair is about 7\" long, but it is about to make a dramatic turn towards the short side. the heat just gets to be too much for me in the summer.

  11. [thinks about it for a second]




    [thinks about it a little more]




  12. Hair leangth, longer than my ruler.
    biceps, i havnt got a tape measure short enough!
    inner leg, same both sides.
    eyes, 4, greenish (except for the white and black bits)
    23cm hand span.
    feet, 10 or 11 uk size (so i\'m going to go steal some of kexin\'s shoes some day)
    suspected largest vien diamater on arms, 8mm! (and it looks quite frreeeeeeky since im such a skinny lil runt)
    lips can be streached to 12cm horizontally.
    Mouth can be opened to be 6 sm from bottom teeth to top. (cannot be done same time as horizontal lip stretching)

    other interesting or bizarre facts:
    i can disapear if i stand sideways!
    I can turn my eye lids inside out!
    I can fit my fist inside my mouth!
    i can have the inner side of my ribs tickled if i breath in, and i can have the inner side of my shoulderblades tickled if i put my arms in the right place!
    can do crab.
    unable to learn when to shutup.
    When i get REEEEEEEEAAALLLLLYYYYYYYY HIGH from E, viens pop outta my head REALLY far so that i look like a thargoid!
  13. ok..... I am 5\'1\'\', ( i am short, i know) i wheigh 110, and I have blonde hair with black and red and brown streaks in it.... blue eyes, um... what else???? oh yeah... my boobs are average, not big, not small.....

  14. whoa craziness.. ive never heard of measurement in stone.. that should be what they use to measure how high you are..

    oh ya btw, im six foot 3 inches, 150 pounds
  15. my wang weighs seven pounds

  16. i think dying giraffe has already commented about this ^_^
    you were kidding weren\'t you kind_of_bongish? i should hope so! :D
  17. omg i just found out i am 112lbs

    14lbs to 1 stone
  18. 5\'6 - 5\'8 somewhere round there...been forever since I last checked
    have a lil goatee
    bout 145 pounds
    pritty built for my size
    brown hair
    blue eyes

  19. no..... breaking is what you want.......

    im the oppisite, all my ex - girlfriends (open now) were all under 5\'4... idk why i like small girls small girls like me.... weird. Except for one who was 5\'6 and i don\'t know how i ended up with her since she could have been in playboy if she had wanted....... i guess were too good of friends for a realationship...oh well..
  20. omg!,....
    i think i look like stylez....depending on the goat. ;)


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