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    Heres my most recent grow, i just picked up these clones last weekend and go the tent setup. They are in 80% FFoF and 20% Vermiculite. They are starting an 18/6 schedule today for veg. I'm going to be using technaflora nutes when they are ready for them in a few weeks. the clones are lemon kush, grape ape, blueberry, cotton candy kush, bubba/og and platinum kush. here are some pics
    the garden
    cotton candy kush
    grape ape
    lemon kush
    platinum kush

    any advice or any comments would be appreciated. thanks for looking:smoke:
  2. Looks like a great start!!! How big is that tent?

    Did you get these babies as clones ? Or seed? I have a feeling with the name of those genes and the way they look so nice already you have access to good clones.
  3. They do look good man! Hopefully you get some good yield man :)
  4. thanks guys. the tent is 3'11" x 3'11" x 6'7" and i got all those babies as clones this past weekend from a local dispensary, it was my first time trying this dispensary out, so we will see how the bud smokes and if the genetics are good. my favorite one so far is the platinum kush, such a pretty little plant right now.
  5. I just started LST on the platinum kush and blueberry. the kush is responding very well. also i've noticed that on the bubba/og and the blueberry that some of the tips of their fan leaves are curling up. the names of the plants in order in the pics are: blueberry, bubba/og, cotton candy kush, grape ape, lemon kush, and then platinum kush.

    any help, comments, or criticism are welcome :bongin:

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  6. i just gave them all about two thirds of a gallon water. some of them have yellowing or something on the lower leaf sets. i think i'm going to give them 1/3 the strength of the formula next time i water. anyone think this is a bad idea?
  7. Definitely can't hurt!

    Great start man! Can't wait to see some nice sticky flowers on those babies :hello:
  8. thanks man i guess i'll start with 1/3 of the formula with the next watering. heres some new pics. i LSTd the platinum kush, bluberry, and the bubba/og now and i think im going to keep the others the way they are. i've noticed how some of the new growths on the bubba/og, bluberry, and cotton candy kush are only three pronged leaves. anyone know why they are doing this? I'm thinking genetics but im not sure. anyways they seems to be doing great. the names of the plants are in the pic name.:smoke:

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  9. Nice start man, gonna pull up a chair early here. I like your strain choices, can't wait to see what you do with them :bongin:
  10. Nice garden! Will definitely keep an eye on this one.
  11. Very Nice Grow, I hope they keep blooming for U!!!! I will keep a eye on your Journal!!!! Good Luck.....
  12. 3 pronged leaves are definitely not a problem.

  13. i gave the plants their first dose of the nutes today. only 1/2 of the suggested formula though. im going to put up some new pictures tomorrow they seem to be doing well as of now though.
    stay medicated :smoke:
  14. heres some new pics of the family, lots of new growths and it seems that they are responding really well from the nutes. :hello:
    the strain names are in the name of the pics.

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  15. Looking good bro, I wish i had some Blueberry growing!
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    Thanks for all the replies guys. Heres some new pics of the family, all the girls are growing up fast. Lots of new growths coming out on most of the plants and i moved them around a little bit. I have small problem on my hands though. I know that they are going to be going into 12/12 soon and i know that I'm going home from Dec. 19th to Jan. 6th. My plan is to get some sort of drip system and hope for the best while I'm gone. But, I'm worried that my harvest date might be during the time that I'm away or something. I was wondering if I should put them into 12/12 nowish and hope to harvest at least two weeks before I leave so i can dry it for 4-7 days, cure it for at least a week and then keep it in jars or some other option while I'm gone. I know the curing process is really important and that they should veg longer, thats why this isn't my plan right now, but I was just wondering if it could be an option or if anyone has any other suggestions. Anyways thanks for the help, check the names of the pics for the strians and stay medicated :smoke:

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  17. I've never tried growing inside. Where did you get your nice tent? At what point in the growing process do you switch your lights from 400watt to 600 watt?
  18. I didn't switch if you have both maybe use the 400watt for the first week or two and then switch but it doesnt really matter. i got my tent from a hydro store
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    Heres an update of the girls. Lots of new budsites sprouting out everywhere. I switched the timer to 12/12 on the 9th because that platinum kush is getting a little too tall, shes already more than 30 inches. I took all of them out to get some pictures and give them their first dose of flowering nutes. we'll see how they react to it tomorrow. some of the pics came out kinda bad but most of them are good, check the names for the strains. and remember to medicate :smoke:

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  20. hello sweet leaf,

    them plants are looking really good brother.

    i will definately keep an eye out to see out this strain turns out.

    bring on the budporn:D


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