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  1. Alright, here's the deal. This summer I want to smoke at six flags (it's an amusement park) with a few buddies of mine and go on some rides. I did a search on it and learned a few things. I found out that the place has a lot of cameras, so they're watching you. I already knew about the metal detectors, but I just realized I wouldn't be able to get a lighter through. Matches do not sound fun. So, we'd have to smoke it in the parking lot, and come back in. Would they care if they saw bloodshot eyes (Eye drops don't do it for me usually)?

    Another problem-we're all bums and don't have cars, so we'd been getting a ride. I wouldn't have a car to smoke in after the ride left. How safe would it be to smoke standing there in the parking lot?

    If anyone with experience with this type of thing could help me out, I'd be really appreciative. Any advice?
  2. brownies...

    *edit*and there are cameras in the parking lot.. just bake something
  3. Smoke in the car man, Just toss on my sunglasses.

    Everybody wears sunglasses in the park. I'd be worried about smell, bring some axe or something too.

  4. Believe it or not, crusher101 and I agree on something! It was my first thought. Did that on Grad Night at Disneyland years (and years) ago.

    Did Six Flags go 'non-smoking'? Why no lighters?
  5. most amusement parks have gone non smoking but they have never taken lighters most places sell lighters inside
  6. I live about an hour from the Six Flags in Gurmee, IL and I chief there all the time. Theres no cameras in bathrooms and theres tons of bathrooms. Just go in there spark a chillum and leave.
  7. Bongzilla, details please on how you do it, where ect.

    I am concerned about smell. I'll change shirts and what not, but I've never made brownies. Though it is a good idea. Maybe smoking at six flags just isn't worth the risk?
    Christ there are cameras in the parking lot. I have to really re-think this...
  8. i live close to the gurnee one to, just zero hits in the bathrooms, you can bring lighters we spark a cigarette before every ride
  9. dude, unless you know employees or are sure you are going to see someone you know there then don't bother with smell or eyedrops. who cares if your blazed? you think some minimum wage makin ticket taker is going to call the cops on some dude cause he has red eyes. yeah right. you're going to an amusement park, not to a police station. If they caught you smoking inside the park they might bring you in, probably only because they don't want people to see it and complain. You could almost definitly smoke in the parking lot. if your not alright with that smoke just outside the parking lot. I really wouldn't be worried about being blazed, as long as you don't get caught in the act, you have a 99.999 percent chance of not getting caught. you won't even smell anyway if you smoke outside. If your really paranoid about smoking in the parking lot because of the cameras then roll a joint, anyone who did happen to see a camera would think you were smoking a cigarette. I think you are worrying way too much, although i give you props for wanting to be prepared. better to be too careful and have to take extra precaution than daring and in jail. If you live with your parents i'd say that cooking brownies carries a better chance of getting caught then smokin in the parking lot does.
  10. i agree, brownies is the best option. just eat em on the car ride there. they have a longer high too if done right :)
  11. i smoked out at gurnee so hard last year dude. we hopped a fence and smoked underneath the batman to get away from camera haha. do it smooth and on the fly... bring a chillum and just duck into a stall take a hit and walk out and blow it out once your outside. don't worry about smell and shit... its gonna be too hot and humid out to smell smoke... and who gives a fuck about your eyes, they can't keep you out of a park because your eyes are red.
  12. Last time I went to Six Flags I wanted to murder everyone around me. I went there for like 6 hours and went on 3 rides, the only good one was the superman. Amusement parks are a bunch of bullshit.

    Anyway, on topic, just smoke an L in the parking lot, they're not gonna really give a shit I'm sure. Like someone else said, some minimum wage park employee's not gonna give two shits about you being blazed, if they notice at all.
  13. I think it was at Six Flags Magic Mountain a few years ago that some dude was hopping the fence to retrieve his hat that had blown off during a ride. The rollercoaster he was under was one of those that was suspended from above. Someone's feet were dangling and hit the dude right in the head... killed the dude... broke the person's foot.

    What's an L?
  14. an L is a J :) basically
  15. screw the j hit the BLUNT. straight to the face...

  16. LMFAO!!! Then why not use 'J'?! Sounds corny saying, "The 'L' stands for 'joint'." It's like in Malcolm in the Middle, Malcolm's mom wears that button at work that says, "The 'L' stands for value."

    I can't tell you how funny I find that...!! :p
  17. b4 u guys leave roll a fattie w/ all ur nug it in .. then blaze right outside the park in the lot just hcillin outside near where alot of cars arent parked yet (unfilled spots in back) and if someone comes who cares jsut odnt have shit on u after that blunt and go in and ur fine dont worry about eye drops and smell and shit.. try to go on a weekday to oso ur not wasting your high in line.
  18. Aaaactually, he was wrong. An L is a blunt, not a joint. So, yea...
  19. i worked at Kings Island(PKI) last year for a few months and i loved seeing people blazed getting on rides, i thought it was funny as hell so don't worry about them bothering you for being high man, its THEIR job to make sure you are secure in the ride, not yours

    just smoke in the parking lot and go in or eat brownies, either way you should probably be fine. i know PKI had hardly any security in the parking lots
  20. Well I would go in the bathroom, lock the door then hit the pipe as long as I could. i would try to ghost it but if I couldn't I'd exhale outside. Also theres tons of little spots at Gurnee where people can't see.

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