Sitting on my computer.. Lol!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Stackzz, Aug 6, 2011.

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    One ordinary day I'm just sitting on my computer at home and my homie calls me to smoke. I said he'll ye lol. He said he send me a link and I had to sign up in order to smoke. I said fuck you :) THIS IS THE LINK :) but anyways I ended up going on it, didn't see what was coming.. Readers.. it's all up to you!
  2. Is this bannable?
  3. hmmm. open a link that may contain a virus, or skip this entire thread?
  4. I'm not sure if it's bannable.. And no virus, trust me weed tokers, were all together here I'm not here to harm anyone's computer lol, just referring!
  5. I'll wait until somebody else clicks it.
  6. Alright, it's a weebly site, totally virus protected?
  7. i clicked it. i got bored. i closed it....all within three seconds
  8. Yes, because you've built up such a solid reputation in the less than one day you've been a member.

    No way I'm clicking that link.
  9. How do you sit on a computer without breaking it?
  10. you said "fuck you" but the link is in your sig

    get outta here
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    Don't be an asshole to other members
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    Aha it's true homie.
  13. Fixed.
  14. All of his posts are advertising this. Don't click on it he doesn't deserve the click.
  15. Its cashcrate lol.
  16. Maybe if your spam was just a little more creative i'd click the link.. maybe next time

  17. It's a forum on the internet.

    Who the fuck cares. Go get respect in real life, no one needs it from a bunch of anonymous internet people. (this isn't directed at you, just any member who claims having over a thousand posts demands them respect on the internet)
  18. nobody ever claimed this wasn't a forum on the internet, nor did anyone demand respect.

    OP needs to take a look at the rules though and so do you since you clearly think hes not in the wrong.

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