Sittin on the Lawnmower

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by filterfed, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. A story from long ago, but a classic none the less. Me and a couple friends are sitting out in my 2nd garage, its disconnected from the rest of my house and back a ways into the woods. Im chilling on a lawnmower and my two other friends Amy and Martin are chilling on the couch. Ive got this garage rigged up with like 6 blacklights, a couple strobes and some fk'd up blacklight paintings on the walls. The radio is blaring. Well the bowl gets passed to me, and I take the lighter, do my tokin and pass the bowl. Amy looks over and asks me to turn up the radio, thats all good. Next thing I know my dad comes barging in, and hes cool with the smoking thing, he takes a hit and asks me to come outside. Martin then wanting to hit this beautiful bowl of dro asks me where I put the lighter... I dont remember. I scratched my head for like 10min thinking about where I put that damn lighter and just as I walk out I tell Amy to check the CD Player... I come back in after a lil chat with my dad and they're like 'how the hell did the lighter get in the CD player?'... Well Im stoned as f'k. I dont know how it got there, but it did. They look at me like im retarded, I go with that assumption and hit the bowl again. Ahh, good times.


    Another time me and a couple of diff friends were sitting in the same garage, we decided that munchies were in order, well my house had been raided to hell so I had nothin. We went on a roady. This is right after about 5 bowls and 2 joints later, Im driving to some gas station out in the middle of bums-f'k, IN... Im lost, we're smoking on the way to wherever we're goin and when we get there we sort of stumbled out of the car. Well this gas station is practically deserted aside from the attendent inside. We all go in, and Im talking to the attendent about some papers. My friends come up behind me with 2 bags of chips, a butterfinger, and a 2-liter of pepsi... laughing their asses off. The attendent kind of looks at me like 'yea... your what... stoned?' I smile, pay for the food and walk out... Made for a great conversation on the way back to my house because apparently none of us remembered even going to that gas station until the buzz wore down a few hours later... I think we smoke too much :)

  2. I don't think I'm reading this correctly. The lighter was INSIDE the CD player? If so, I think congratulations are in order. I'm not sure it would have been possible under normal circumstances.

    Where do you live in Indiana? I'm headed back home to Kentucky in a few weeks.

  3. My thoughts exactly.
  4. Its a boombox, and the cd tray is on top of it, somehow the lighter got put into the cd tray and the lid still closed on top of it. I cant explain it either to be honest, lol

    souther Indianapolis area
  5. some boombox's have a small "hole" in the back where you can actually stick your finger in and touch the cd and make the song skip, but i don't know if it would work for getting a lighter in

  6. Ah. It all makes sense now. :)

    Indianapolis? I have a couple of friends who go to school in that area. It's a long way from KY, though.

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