Sippin on that Jungle Juice

Discussion in 'General' started by dingleberryfin, May 13, 2006.

  1. Wass up all , CHeck out this homemade jungle juice my buddy made and like packaged and is selling it at $10 a bottle. I'mma be sippin on this tonight. And thats a picture of OJ Simpson if you guys don't know.

  2. What's jungle juice? Is this an alcoholic drink, or another drug?
  3. alchy drink let me post the ingredants.

  4. Jungle Juice originated from jus having many liquors and mixing them in a big ass bowl/bucket and putting fruit into it. You get fucking wrecked off it. You can make it so many different ways. Whatever different boozes and however of each. Eat fruit and get drunk, Its the shit.

    Jungle Juice is an incredibly potent drink, and this recipe will make up to 20 gallons. 1 L Everclear® alcohol

    5.25 L (3 1.75L bottles) vodka
    1 bottle peach schnapps
    1 pint Bacardi® 151 rum
    1 bottle 99 Apples® apple schnapps
    10 L Sprite® soda
    1 L Sunny Delight® orange juice
    1 L triple sec
    1.75 L bottle gin
    1 bottle DeKuyper® Sour Apple Pucker schnapps
    4 bottles Boone's Farm® Strawberry Hill wine
    8 L Hawaiian Punch®
    2 containers orange juice concentrate
    fruit (as much as desired)

    Use a large container ie. ice chest or similar. Allow the fruit to soak in all the alcohol for about 4 - 12 hours. Add all the juice and let sit overnight. Serve the next day.
  5. I've heard it called all sorts of things.

    One way is to:

    Get a clean trash bag, probably two and double bag a trash can.

    Then just dump liquor, juice, and fruit into the trash can and enjoy. Serves many.

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