sinking all eggs in F1 basket

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  1. Hello blades, last season an unknown male was allowed to pollinate Sour Dub females from clone. In preparation for the next season, the new seeds are being considered as the only genetics in the garden, is there a great risk involved with doing this?

    Basically the question is whether F1 seeds are less of a guarantee versus known genetics. It would be unfortunate to go half a season and find out the alleles for flowering were shit and the girls all end up hermie'd or low yielders.

    Thanks in advance breeders, first time at this so any info would be great!
  2. is the male just an unknown strain ( bagseed) ,or do you have mystery seeds and assume they are not from a hemp plant ?

    if the latter scrap it . the former, go for it. you will get some variety in phenos ( a few to choose form ... :) ) ..but also get some hybrid vigor, and the start of something that is your very own . just weed out the undesirables ( too long flower, not dense enough, wrong kind of high, etc.)

    just my .02
  3. Thanks for the encouraging words Wharfrat! The male is indeed from a bagseed. Looks like you've just made up my mind, and now I've got some reading on breeding ahead of me.
    As always, ears are open if anyone else has more to add :smoke:
  4. Label everything...take a lot of might discover 'The One' and not know who the Daddy was and pull all of your hair out having to redo the experiment to see who made such a killer plant.

    Been there.

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