Single seed company is a complete rip off!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by xXIcEpikKXx, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. So I thought i would give single seed company a try a couple weeks ago...
    Yesterday i got my package, opened it up only to find out i was sent runt seeds that do not look healthy at all. DO NOT MESS WITH THESE GUYS.
  2. plant them before you talk shit
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  3. Did you even bother to contact the company and express your disappointment?
  4. i emailed them with pictures and have gotten no response. maybe i am just tripping out, but i never considered a small waxy colored seed "healthy". deep green with stripes is what i want.
  5. Remember you're buying the seeds from TSSC but they're only selling what the breeders provide them. Its not TSSC's fault if you buy seeds from a bad breeder. If you do your research on good reputable breeders you wont have any problem. +seed size does NOT mean plant size ;) I ordered from TSSC and recieved my seeds after 9 days and all looked good. 5 rare dankness regular seeds and 5 blue dream fem. Even the blue dream fem freebies looked good. I would try and pop them and you'll probably find they're fine.
  6. Green seeds arent good...

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