Single seed centre overcharging US customers?

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  1. I was looking at some GDP from single seed then i noticed that the euro to dollar conversation is wrong. They're overcharging by $5 a seed. What the hell!!! Am I doing something wrong on this conversion?
  2. I figured they were just a rip off in general
  3. Yea I was thinking the same thing. Their prices are already higher for a seed compared to a pack but to add more money on top of that is robbery. Ill buy single seeds from attitude for now on
  4. Gypsies calculator is 'off' too btw. Just for general info's been hard to keep an opinion post accurate lately, with the last two business owners showing up here with business avatars, and no one taking them down, gypsy might be signing up next and heckling people with an opinion too...

    But yes, all most all the companies that rely on their own calculator, and not the bank cards calculator, is apt to be wrong...

    You can order them in euro, and have your bank card buy in euro, and just pay the bank fee, I have done it this way.
    try looking here too in the UK, I really like them because the prices are good and the shipping is free: Marijuana Seeds - Castle Marijuana Seeds
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    Their shady shisters, they wont refund your money customer service goes MI8 underground when you mention refund. Spend your money elsewhere.

    ^^^^ Skunk is working for them dont listen to a word he say on the subject, they have removed his glands if you know what I mean.
  6. Hahahaha yea I understand. I'll probably spend money at Sannies and attitude for now on

  7. This Skunk works for no Man. And this Skunk is all WOman BTW...

  8. Yes. They don't charge in Euros. Think before you post!
  9. you all do realize that the companies Currency Calculator is just to ball park it ..

    when you get to eh actual check out, thru the Credit Card Co, it is run thru a full check again.

  10. [ame=""]Tool - The Pot - YouTube[/ame]
  11. GDP thru SSC = 8.28 £ / 12.98$
    £/$ = 1.00 £=1.56 $

    looks far from 5 dollars per seed off .. matter of fact, it looks spot on .
  12. Yea I made a mistake. I would think I could happen from time to time considering what site were on.
  13. Yea I have no clue wut they hell your talking about but I'm fine

  14. Yeah, no shit huh? I sympathize :wave:
  15. dude...did you suffer serious head trauma ? or is your stash that strong? clearly YOU'RE OUTTA YOUR MIND!:eek:
  16. Head trauma, Im fucking crazy, my shits too potent, wayyyy 2 much wax and a beer everynow and then havent got laid in a couple weeks .

  17. When comparing prices between seed banks, you should factor in the shipping costs. The last time I compared prices + shipping between Attitude and Single Seed Centre, the latter came out slightly better. I purchase seeds from both sites, and have no complaints so far.
  18. If you are factoring shipping, you want Marijuana Seeds - Castle Marijuana Seeds the shipping is free. No crappy freebies, just good service and free shipping and no t-shirt to buy, they just wrap them in a good container and ship. Been loving on them a lot lately.
  19. Visited and bookmarked.

    Haha. They are starting to build up in my drawer.

    I always go for the coffee mug.

    Thanks. Options are good. I'll give them a try.

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