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Single portion cooking??

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by speatleysson, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Cooking with weed...
    I've done searches on the net before, but haven't really found any single serving recipes
    Any quick easy effective recipes...

    I heard to use a gram for single serving, if so do you eat the whole serving???
  2. try makin firecrackers. I think u use about half a gram of shake and u get sooo faddedd
  3. firecrackers is a good idea
    when i made them they kinda tasted like ass, but definetly did the trick.

    Also, from what ive heard is that you should eat about 2x the amount you normally smoke...I ate about 4g on firecrackers. Needless to say, i was high as fuck

  4. haha for sure, they say the more you eat the more messed you get, unlike smoking where you only get so high after a while

    I'll look into "firecrackers" thanks for the info.:hello:
  5. LOL, just found out what "firecrackers" are , good old google

    I gotta try that out, looks too easy!!

    thanks again

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