Single plants make sense?

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  1. Looking into growing indoors, does it make sense to just have a single plant if only growing for myself? I want to have a simple, basic, minimal setup, anybody have any ideas or does this not make sense?
  2. Personally, for me, it makes no sense at all...

    The equipment cost to properly facilitate a grow room is just too much to only have one lady...

    Also, what if you start from seed and its a male? theres 4 weeks down the drain, but if you had 6 or plants...greatly increasing your odds...
  3. No point. Going to to take the time an do it might as well do it right
  4. So what is the general consensus as far as what amount of plants for a single person? I really dont have the space for a full room in my home to dedicate to growing, any other alternatives?
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    Grown properly one plant will produce as much or more harvest as several smaller plants and will produce bigger flowers on a single plant. More plants are not necessary to have good harvests. The fewer plants to take care of the easier it is to grow.

  6. Uhm, the time it takes you to grow with one plant what I can with 12 is like 400% more....and you spent roughly $1500 for one plant? Growing requires alot of the right equipment and its not cheap...don't bother doing one plant with a $200 setup (Jail for some janky ass weed? No thank you!)

    Not everyone can just start to grow on a whim...make the space for a proper grow, even if it means a new house (In a medical state!)...if its what you really desire you'll make it happen..

    *END RANT* :smoke:
  7. Get a clue, one larger plant can easily outgrow 12 small ones. I don't know where the 1500$ comes from, no one said anything about cost. You must be referring to your own expenditures.

  8. You're either stoned or stupid....

    You'd have to veg a single plant for at least 3 months in hopes of getting 8+ oz.....I can veg 12 for a month and get 16+ oz.....

    See where you're ''really high''?

    Look at my journal...3 grand in equipment...because I'm doing it right....I said $1500 because he'd only need one light and fan...
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    You're getting ripped of for 1 light and 1 fan for 1500. Must be like a 5000 watt light or something haha. What's your setup MichiganHead? And no need to be busting chops out here, too many ways of growing for that shit to be going on. To answer the thread yeah you can grow just one plant man. Check out some CFL grows and that will be the cheapest way to go for you. Would be better if you had a clone of something you knew was female...

    Good luck.

    EDIT: MICHIGANHEAD, just looked at your setup. Sounds like it will come together nice. Where did you get seeds from??
  10. I think it is good to advise the OP that growing more plants is worthwhile, but also good to answer his question.

    To the OP, you need to keep separate in your mind the idea that the grow can be "simple, basic, minimal setup" from the idea of the number of plants. Having only one plant does not mean you don't need to pay attention to its needs.

    What you will need is a dedicated space that is air and light-proof, good lighting, true ventilation, carbon filter, and a general situation conducive to growing (meaning not in the same house as your parents or roommates or anyone else, and best not to be a rented property). These are the same needs as a larger number of plants, you want to do it smaller, not simpler.

    For a single plant you can use CFLs, I'd recommend about 150 actual watts to get good results.
  11. go for it, dont need to grow a forest....just try it up and use cfls
  12. i say grow 2 plants. forget these guys arguing about whos grow is bigger *wink wink* grow 2 that way you can have 2 different smokes. also just in case something does happen to one you have another
  13. [quote name='"pinkbear"']i say grow 2 plants. forget these guys arguing about whos grow is bigger *wink wink* grow 2 that way you can have 2 different smokes. also just in case something does happen to one you have another[/quote]

    Haha well put man. :)
  14. im growing 2 plants under a 250w and some added cfls they are looking very nice. not that expensive and probably going to get 3-6 ozs =)
  15. It's cuz u have a good light. I Am sure this guy want to do cfl an one plant under cfl won't yield much
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    So, how come everytime I see someone post a thread asking for the bare minimum it would take to grow a plant they never get any "helpful" answers, just aton of people who say if he won't buy the 'best' stuff then he may as well not do it.

    If he wants to do it, thats his choice, so stop trying to change his mind and theres no point in replying if you're not help him and try to answer his questions.

    To OP, I'm kind of like you, I wanted to just get the most simple, cheap, and easy way to get some type of yield, and I think I can give you some advice :D

    Well first, you're gonna wanna do a CFL grow, you know those "energy efficient" twisty bulbs? Those are CFLs. You're gonna need about 100w total for 1 plant, and what I have set up is four 26w ones and that'll work just fine. Lemme just try and make you an easy list, with the basic stuff you can get at places like walmart and stuff.

    -Power strip (those cords with like 6 outlets, get at like walmart for cheap)

    -Lightbulb Plug In Socket (Its just the socket of a lightbulb with a plug on it, and you can get them for like 97 cents a piece at walmart) Get 2 of those

    - Y Socket Adapter (it's a plugin for a lightbulb but it extends to a double socket adapter and you would plug these in the plugin sockets that are on the power cord, if you cant find these at walmart you can get them at like home depot or lowes maybe $2 a piece) and get two of those

    - Miracle Gro ORGANIC, only reason I would say this is because I know it's fairly cheap and you can get it at walmart, it's got a bad name with a lot of growers but you can still use it, i've seen another "poor man cfl grow" thread who used that soil and he did pretty good. Make sure you get the ORGANIC BLEND though because most/all other miracle gro soil has slow-release nutes which will burn your plant for sure..

    -Atleast a 2 gallon pot from walmart for like $2-$3

    -Miracle Gro Tomato Plant Food ( growing tomatoes is pretty similiar to growing mj :D ) like $3 and from walmart

    - A watering can from walmart for $1

    - As for the lights, get a 4 pack of 26w (ACTUAL wattage not incandescent equivalent) of "Soft White" CFLs, they are gonna be either 2700k or 2200k or something like that, get the off brand and they run for like $4 , then get another 4 pack of 26w "Daylight" CFLs, and they are like 6700k or 6500k, & the same price. The "Soft White" CFLs will be used for flowering stage and the "Daylight" CFLs will be used for the veg stage. You'll only be using 4 bulbs at a time but it'll be enough for 1 plant since it's 26 x 4.

    -Some red solo cups for starting your seeds from.

    -Seeds, now you'll probably just wanna use bag seed, and if you dont know how to germinate them, i can also tell you that.

    -A growspace, whether it be a closet or whatever, you need to make it isolated though and it must remain COMPLETELY DARK when its the dark time of the flowering phase (12/12) so i use a box with diamond foil i got (from a friend who got it from the hydro store) it's a reflective for the lights.

    Get all this, and I'll walk you through the rest, I have mine set up right now and i'm thinking on making a journal, I just have sprouts right now, but they look nice :)

  17. I agree with this advice..... go with one plant if its fem and you are just starting out. My friend pulls 2 lbs per plant indoors, swears by this method. He flowers about 6 plants under 4000 watts of iight, and they get fucking huge......
  18. Maybe I'll even make a thread and go into further detail and have it be a guide for "How to do a Poor Man's CFL Grow'

  19. It's not a Dick measuring contest man do what you want but if you are only going with one its not worth while to invest in hps you can get a few 26 or 40w cfls for dirt cash at about any retailer I'd still suggest at least two on the likely chance you aren't buying feminized its a fun hobby for anyone from the serious growers to the two plant closet growers
  20. To me personally, one plant isnt worth the time. Sure you can pull large numbers but usually that means much longer veg times. Most every commercial grow I have seen runs a sog grow, not a few plants lst'd and scrogged. That leads me to believe if it was really more beneficial to run less plants you would see it done more by the people who make their living growing.

    If your only doing one plant, get femmed seeds. Thats a hell of a waste of time to get a male.

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