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Single Plant grow, which light?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by BobMarley420420, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. If anyone could help me out or give me there advice on which light source would be best for my setup any input is much appreciated. I'm growing one plant in a 5 gallon bucket, I either want to go with a 500w Halogen Light or 4 x 300W CFL (I have a square room and would put one CFL in each top corner or the 500w in the top center). Like I said it will be a single plant, I plan on having a 24 hour light for 2 weeks in vegitative state then 24 hours of complete darkness (to induce flowering) then a 12/12 hour on/off schedule light period. Light I said this is my plant any tips would be much appreciated. I have had one successful hydro grow and this will be my first time using soil too. Thanks for any help or suggestions
  2. no suggestions?
  3. those lighting setups would both be way overboard for just one plant. one or two 300w cfls would do just fine. i wouldn't recommend halogen and certainly not 500w of it.
  4. ok Thanks man that just cut down on my price =D
  5. whats so wrong with a 250w HPS? or a 400w HPS if your so inclined. Allows you to upgrade to more than 1 plant when you feel your ready and won't break your budget.
  6. Ok I could go with a 400w HPS bulb and fixture, this will be fine for my first grow? and possibly in the future, grows with up to 4-6 plants? This what your saying....and also I can use the HPS through veg and flowering procesesses? Thanks for all the input guys
  7. Hydrofarm Sunburst come in switchable MH/HPS all in one units with 2 bulbs and you can get the glass and fan upgrade for them to keep it cool. I just bought one for my indoor vegetable garden and it will arrive tomorrow. I think I paid about $240 for it.
  8. ok awesome input guys thanks a ton =)
  9. Thanks Cal, think imma go with the 400w HPS/MH switachable fixture. I'll buy the lights locally probably.........Any freebie seeds are welcome =D I have a few, but very few heh.............this is my first soil grow, what is the best advice for a newbie soil grower? Thanks for all the help........long live overgrow =(.........
  10. a 400w HPS/MH can grow 6 plants. If ur going to use that big of a system i would suggest growing more plants. For one plant u could use a much smaller system.
    btw nice name!:D
  11. nice name too heh =D, ok imma go with 4 plants femizised of course if I go with the 400w light system, thx for all the input
  12. Thanks for all the replys and help, I was thinking about maybe going with one 250w HPS/MH nstead of the 400w, that way I could start out with one plant and move to 2 if I wanted to then buy another 250w light if I wanted to go to more..........what do you guys think? appreciate the input
  13. Thats a good idea in my opinion. I started with 1 150W HPS and then added 1 more to my single plant grow because I LST'd the plant real wide and now each half gets a lot of light. It may not be the most cost effective in the long run, but I am personally keeping my grow to 1 or 2 at a time maybe 2-3 times a year. I'm only growing for me, not taking any more risks selling the stuff.
  14. Sorry to add more contradicting info, but if I were you and I was growing one plant I would go with some kinda high-pod idea ("the high-pod" - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums). I really think this is the coolest/cheapest/easiest/most productive setup I've seen in a while and I'm kicking myself for not finding out about it before building my own grow room setup. It's kinda hard to put together but once you get it going the OP says he pulled 5.7 ounces dry off one plant and only put about $400 into the whole operation (he did already own some of the supplies though). To be honest I just want to see someone else try this grow setup on GC! Happy growing man :wave:
  15. go with a 400

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    ok that's the verdict going to get 1 HPS and 1 MH 400W Bulb for first grow, going to start with a single plant in soil (5 gallon bucket), any suggestions on some premade soil I can pick up at a local store like lowes or home depot? Thanks Peepz

    **FYI Also going to hook up two 300W CFL and put on the sides of the plant and see how well that helps bud preduction on the lower portion of the plant

    -Any suggestions on carbon filter odor eliminators please leave a link or let me know some info on these; how well they work, etc, etc.

    Thanks again to all contributors :)
  17. I swear by the CAN brand filters. soil at the hardware store..... Well you can always get a 4cuft bale of peatmoss and start amending. Or you can find a local garden store and get some FFOF and perlite.
  18. ok going to pick up some basic supplies tonight from the hardware store and pay cash, Are the two 300w cfl's on the sides of the plant a waste of time? any opinions plz, thanks
  19. If you are using 400W then yes, CFL addition would be a waste. You have more than enough light for 9 plants so you will ILLUMINATE 1 or 2.

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