Single for 5 yrs.

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  1. So I've been single for about 5 years now and i can't help but feel its cause i smoke the way i do. (everyday, all day). When i leave my house, (i do leave the house, i love going out and hanging with friends and i'm out-going.) i smoke a quick bowl, before i eat, shower, almost everything i would like to smoke before going.

    Thing is, what do ya'll think? Could this be the problem?
  2. I dont know what the problem is , but its not your smoking.

    perhaps it is just fate taking its toll....?
    well...we all make our own fate I suppose...
  3. If you've been single for 5 years it's not from smoking weed dude. Even crackheads and methheads can find dates.

    It's because of you. Either the way you look, or act, or treat women/people.
  4. yeah we do make our own fate if we choose to get off Destiny Rd. but it keeps me thinking if it is, cause most girls either pretend not to like it, or genuinely hate it.
  5. Don't you dare blame weed because you're undesirable!
  6. I think the question is do you want to be in a relationship?

    I've been single for a bit but that is a choice, in fact I don't plan on having a relationship anytime soon. I'm all about being casual, right now.

  7. I'm too nice to people. I act like myself, out-going, loves to make people laugh, stick up for my friends and be there when they need me. The way i look, well i'm about 6' 2". A bit chubby, but clean cut for most of the part. I love basketball so i do get my exercise. I do get compliments from women, saying i'm either cute or hot and that i really know how to talk to women. Thing is, I'm a true gentlemen and these days, most females want an asshole that they think they can "fix". So what do you think now, still something wrong with me or the smoking?

  8. that's just not true dude.

    Obviously, no one wants to date a burn out... other than other burnouts. But from my expereince, I've never met one girl in my life who wouldn't date me just because I smoked weed.

    Sure some talked shit, some didn't like it, some tried to change my ways. But not once have I had a girl say "I'm not into you because you smoke weed", or have I ever even gotten the hint that that's what they thought.

  9. I still 100 percent think it's you and not the weed.

    If you dont know how to treat women, if women aren't into dating you, then it's you. It doesn't matter if you're a nice guy or a bad guy, it doesn't matter if your cute or "hot, if you can't talk to women, if you can't romance them, then you're not going to get women.

    If your post said "single for 1 year" or even 2 years, then I'd say don't worry about it, you'll find the right girl eventually, yada yada yada. But If you've been single for 5 years, and want to date, then obviously there is something wrong with you, and your approach to women.
  10. It does seem that your dependent on bud Op, but I don't see how bud is effecting your dating life. Unless it's destroyed your libido or something.
  11. I did just say i know how to talk to women bro haha, women tell me that all the time, and the romancing part? well i use to be romantic, but when it started making me look like a bitch, fuck that haha. You know what, fuck it, thanks bro. There is something wrong me. Thanks for the advice.

    Marley15, i believe you're correct as well. I really do question myself if i really wanna be in one or not and usually the answer is no. Women like to bitch for nothing, CAN be very demanding. And sometimes they don't believe the truth. So i also thank you. Cause now i know why i'm single. Cause i want to be. No one to tie me down and actually try to get me to stop smoking.

    So i got my answers and some great advice.
    No i'm not undesirable. But sometimes it feels better not being noticed.

  12. Not really that dependent on it. After 5 years of smoking you learn when you want to get high and when you don't need to at all. I can go days without smoking and not mind it. It just would be nice just to get a smoke in whenever i want without restrictions. And na not destroying that either. Problem is: i rather stay single with my one girl Mary Jane.:smoke:

  13. I never said to be romantic, I said you might not know how to "romance" a girl. Or for the lack of a better term, you dont know how to sweet talk, smooth talk, get into a girls pants, etc etc.

    And I know what you said, but if you knew how to talk to women you wouldn't be single for 5 years. It's that simple. Unless you actively want to be single, unless you are turning girls down for dates, then being single for 5 years shows me you dont know how to talk to women. Or at least you aren't talking to them beyond just being friends.

    I'm in a relationship right now. But if my relationship ended right now, today, I know at least 3 or 4 girls who would want to date instantly. And that's with out me trying, that's with out me going out and trying to hit up girls, flirting, etc.

  14. Yeah i honestly turn dates down, just reasons unknown or just for the hell of it knowing she's only gonna be a tease and i don't want blue balls by the end of the night. Even she may not be a tease, she probably ain't worth the shit i'm gonna be put through. You're lucky wherever you may live cause down here in the deep south of texas. The valley. Every girl is stuck up like a bitch. No kidding. No joke. Most of the guys down here have the same problem i have cause all the females are the same down here. Stuck up and think weed is good for nothing cause we live right next to Mexico.
  15. Im 21 and been single my whole life I'm so used to it it's almost normal to me like this is how life is supposed to be like even though it's obviously not, can't imagine what my life would be like with a sex life, girlfriends, flirting etc.. oh well fuck it Im happy for the most part regardless at least I think I am.

  16. damn bro, i'm 21 as well. I was single up until 14 and then turned around again and been single since 16.
    you might be happy, but it can be boring. Its nice to have a female companion. It comes with some of the benefits but a lot of the downfalls.
    Its not bad at all being single. especially if one is turning down dates and shit. I've had sex before and i can say it can be addicting cause of the pleasure it brings.
    But we're still young, just like everyone says. No need to rush it. Being single does not mean you don't get attention from females or you don't get pussy. Just means you know how to keep yourself happy without anyone's help.
  17. damn i wish i had that problem. they always get attached

  18. ha nice man, i guess that make you lucky but unlucky at the same time. I rather to have that problem, kinda glad females don't get attached to me now.
  19. Good thing I'm a female repellent.
  20. I don't think that's a good thing ha

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