Single best way to clean a bong.

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  1. It's not very cheap and it sounds weird, but it leaves my waffle clean after heavy use and I done even need to add salt for agitation. I'm afraid of I used salt, I'd be too clean to even see. Woah. Haha. Anyway, lectric shave. Blade close. Lectric smooth. Seriously you only need a little dab ( lol ) and you shakey shakey and pour out and it go bye bye easy.
  2. Would other shaving creams work as well?
  3. It's not a cream it's a liquid.
  4. NOTHING works as well as simple green. I've tried everything you can think of, from acetone, to rock salts and alcohol, to boiling glass in water. You name it, I tried it.

    I put some simple green in glass before I go to bed, wake up the next day and it's so clean, I could sell it as brand new. Not joking. The most experienced stoner in the world would bet his life the piece had never been used. Sparkles better than windex and not a bit of tar anywhere on it. Even takes off hard water stains.

    I've thrown the rest of my cleaners away and I just reuse the same simple green over and over. Cleaned my piece over 40 times with the same stuff and it's as clean as it was the first time I cleaned it, every time. Don't even have to shake the bong or use a rag to clean it. Best stuff ever!!!
  5. What is simple green where can i get it
  6. Ive never understood why 91% ISO and epsom salt doesnt work for some people. Ive always used iso and salt without any problems, but hey whatever works for ya
  7. coarse sea salt and the 90% rubbing alcohol... never had a problem and works best for me. I've tried 420 cleaner and 454 cleaner but didn't work as well...
  8. Sounds sweet, i've used ISO and Salt it worked great
  9. The single best way to clean a bong is to rinse it with hot water after every use. No cost at all and it will always be sparkly clean.
  10. Simple Green

    You can buy it at walmart for 2-3 bucks. When you use this, you'll never go back. I've converted everyone who's ever tried it.

    For the dude who said alcohol works for you, yeah it does, not as well as simple green though. When you try it, you wont go back to shitty alcohol.
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    ISO and salt is best for frequent cleanings. Simple green takes way to long. When I clean I wanna get it done in a couple minutes, rinse with filtered water to avoid spots, dry with microfiber. Other than that I use grunge off.

    Edit. I'd have to have more than a gallon of simple green for my cleanings. I'm not gonna fill up 5 or 6 tubes/bubblers with it. And fill a huge bowl up for my slides. I just transfer the ISO and use more salt from piece to piece, rinsing and drying as I go.

    For my 2 times a week cleanings. Simple green would be a huge pain.
  12. wow thank you. I have some of this, good to know I can actually get a clean bong.
  13. Fine Salt and 91% Does it for me lol

    THe best is when i need to stock up so i hit up CVS and go up to the counter with like 10 bottles of Alcohol and 4 containers of salt XD
  14. the best stuff by far is New-Glass resin cleaner.  it blows formula 420 away and salt & alcohol is a joke compared to this stuff.  

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