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Single 600w 4x4 grow

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by amator terram, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Hello blades, I was just getting ready to get my hps, fans, ducting, etc. I have a 4x4 tent and I was just wondering how to vent in this space. It's a huuugggee walk in closet connected to a bathroom connected to a bedroom. I already have the tent in one room but I'm moving it to the bigger room for efficiency and more light. Here's the pics. Thanks in advance.

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  2. I assume you're asking where to put the exit to the duct work? A great place is connect it to a dryer vent if its close by because they use the same piping. You said there is a bathroom next to it. It'd be great if you could somehow send it through the exhaust fan, but that would take work.
  3. I'm honestly all for venting in the bathroom ill just throw a lock on the door lol. How much work? I would have the ducting and 400+ Cfm inline fan, and carbon filter.
  4. Are you air cooling your lights?

    I think 400 cfm is overkill for a 4x4 tent, you'll probably want to put that on a sensor and/or speed controller... but too much is usually better than too little. I have a 720 CFM venting a space probably 6x larger and it moves air FAST. Can you cut an exhaust hole into the ceiling above to vent the hot, filtered air into your attic or outside? Where do you plan to put the carbon filter?
  5. I can vent it into the fart fan in the adjacent bathroom OR I could temporarily vent into the air duct in the same room. I say temporarily because I could literally use the light to heat the house during winter and for summer grows find an alternative. I'm not so sure about the second option though because I'm not sure about the air exchange. Sometimes the heater might pop on. Venting outside is kind of a hard option, I figure it would create vapor outside like dryers do and then it doesn't look normal outside, not to mention the door between the room and bath would always be open lol. I dont really mind that so much though because I run lights at night(free electricity) between the hours of 10pm-10 am for flower and 10pm-1pm. Yea, I'm grabbing a speed controller for the fan :p.
  6. That's why I just vent into my attic. It's already ventilated to release heat and nobody sees the exhaust port or heat release. You could literally add a dryer port so that it looks like dryer exhaust as another option, or a vent in the roof. Pushing the heat through your vents to heat the house sounds kinda cool, but I'd want to really think that one through and do it right. Are you trying to avoid cutting holes in walls?
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    Fuck it lol. I'm cutting the damn hole in the wall drywall is easy to repair.

  8. Did a bit of research and going into a wall is not the best idea. I really don't want to cut a hole in the ceiling but it might be my only alternative...
  9. Good news. Went into the attic and saw outside from the room. I think this will work.

    This will cause a great amount of damage to your roof and at the very least will greatly reduce the effectiveness of your insulation.

    You vent a great amount of moisture along with your air and that is bad for just about everything in your attic. When building a house you go to great effort to not introduce moisture into the attic area.

    What you need to do is run a flexible duct up to a roof or gable vent and secure it there so it will vent out there, a roof vent if preferable.
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    the venting will be for the 29% humidity flowering room. the veg room can be booster fan cooled with ambient temps. There is literally a 10 inch chimney in the attic in which i can see outside from with the pressure and heat(I'm no physicist) the heat will rise out of the chimney from moving air. With that being said, even if humidity was 70% it wouldn't make a difference. The house is rented and the renters do strictly adhere to renter's rights and privacy. Fixing the 4 inch drywall hole in the ceiling will be easy as pie. I also have the knobs changed out on the doors for strong, normal-looking locks. To add more for pictionary purposes, there are 2 vents on the sides of the house on attic level.

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  12. Hmm... always wondering if that would be an issue. I know a few people who are doing it this way, I should probably warn them too lol. Thanks for the tip, I'll run a duct up to a vent. I need to get up there and install an intake duct anyway.

  13. I run a 4inch inline fan loke 170 cfm in a 4x4 works perfect and is much quiter.. I use to have 720 (louad as fuck) pilling 2 4x4 tents it pulled air to fast didnt neutralize odor
  14. Do you have a window in the bedrolm I just put an emtied ac unit and exhuast out the window
  15. I haven't had an issue with odor yet, but i'm moving to flower soon. My space is much larger than a tent, but perhaps I need to put it on a speed controller and slow it down to get better odor control? The last thing I need is the entire neighborhood to smell like ganja.

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