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  1. The government is getting way too much power. Those people are not politicians they are people that work for reputations and will lie until they are blue in the face. Everyone knows it, yet YOU still vote for them.

    They create new things to vote for ALL THE TIME and that is NOT GOOD! We are letting politicians decide what is right and what is wrong for us. They create green companies to make themselves look good, when half that money goes to them and the other half goes to some green operation that probably has little to no effect on our planet while they get paid themselves. Abortion is not a topic that should be in politics, it should be decided by families. Marijuana same thing, pretty much everything that is not important that we vote on should be dropped from politics.

    We can all agree that there is plenty of food and water to go around, plenty. We can also agree that no one is happy right now and everyone is effected by this economy. Since we don't have a job, can't afford gas, and can't have a concealed weapon and can't shoot deer how do we survive? The economy is bullshit, wake up, the food should be available for everyone at all times, not because you have money. Its this bullshit where people get greedy and want to retire early, in turn screwing everyone else out of early retirement.

    This is what makes no sense to me, everyone wants to work, but no one can find jobs... Why is that? Well because we are spending our money on stuff that doesn't matter and we are paying a lot for it. Giving it to CEO's of companies who made furby, and other useless wasteful stuff. Every transaction sends that money straight to the government, and the government blows it on stuff that otherwise could have been dealt with by the people who would have jobs created for that in the first place. We will never be able to exist as a society if everyone wasn't about themselves.

    When I go to my grampas house and work I don't want his money, it should be something that everyone does for free, then we wouldn't need money. If you are giving the money away is is basically like saying you don't want to work.

    America and world stop being so stupid, stop being about yourselves. We can also agree that humans can do anything with practice and become experts in due time, so stop saying you can't change the world, you can.
  2. please to make sense?
  3. Do you by any chance huff bug spray?
  4. If you think marijuana is something that should be allowed like alcohol, you agree with me..

    They are slowing down evolution, and our country is ran by people that everyone complains about for a reason. Greed is what runs our gov't. what don't you get?
  5. Most of what you said is actually spot on...

    Abortion, gay marriage, drugs, etc. are all behavioral issues that should be decided and dealt with privately, not with government funding and bureaucracy.

    The real issue is the economy which our government created. He is right about all of the legislation that passes, as well. All of it goes towards creating and maintaining huge corporations. When a company manages to get a little ahead because of government regulation the money they made goes right back to Washington in the form of lobbyists in order to get more legislation passed that would help the company even further.

    Food is readily available, but no one wants to take the time to do the work necessary to acquire it. I live relatively close to Baltimore and my favorite homeless dude is this old black guy that lives in the city, catches a bus out to Towson, walks to the Loch Raven reservoir and fishes for his dinner nearly every day...

    Look at states like Montana and North Dakota where the people per square mile numbers are ten and below, while the rest of the country is at 80. No one wants to live for themselves when they can pay for everything. Unfortunately there is a price to pay for working an office/service job instead of farming, and that is dependency.

    You can't really blame the people 100% because it has happened so gradually and it has been planned out so methodically as to ensure that people wouldn't be able to live freely. How can the black man rise up and overcome when everyone he knows is on welfare, working minimum wage jobs, and receiving food stamps? How can he overcome when drugs are introduced to low income neighborhoods for the sole purpose of keeping them low income? Parents are being jailed for marijuana possession and their kids are being taken away. The receive more money from welfare if their family is split up! All of these things are terrible, and they apply to white people just as much as blacks.

    I know no one here reads many allegorical stories, but this one is so pertinent to this conversation that I highly suggest no one passes it up.

    The Price of Free Corn

    What a coincidence?

    We are giving out free corn...

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