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  1. Whats up dudes/dudettes? I noticed all these nice bongs and shit and they all seem so complicated. Have people strayed from the original bong and slider? Why do things have to be so complex? I just have a simple little glass bong with a slider and thats it, i feel so....idk not high tech :p whats up with all this stuff guys?
  2. not sure if troll...

    obv "complicated" glass must serve some purpose...

    which is to diffuse the fuck out of the smoke more so than a "simple" setup!

    notice i did not say simplicity is worse than complexity in fact sometimes i prefer simplicity.

    i own a helix bong equipped w/ a showerhead ashcatcher, relatively simple setup but still hits hard and solid. deff my go to piece :cool:

    in the other corner, lays my SGW waffle perc. kind of a "complex" perc, atleast more so than previously mentioned piece. this piece hits smooth and clears like a beast... :smoking: bout to go burn a bowl rite nao...

    in the end it all depends what you are looking for and i hope i answered your question.

  3. Im not trolling aha, there just isnt a huge stoner scene around my town, not to many people smoke the herb. And all that ashcatcher showerhead and waffle perc. and all that. I have no idea what any of that means, when i hear bong i think vase like glass, with a slider. And thats about it aha.
  4. The moment you hit a good scientific piece, you'll understand.
  5. This. Plus they're just as simple to use. Just slide + piece.

    That being said, I like one chamber stemless bongs. Doubles are alright, but above that and its just stupid.
  6. Sounds like you've been living in a cave OP lol, its all about diffusion now. Now-a-days educated people (in glass) won't go near tree percs and most prefer stemless.
  7. amen.

    Sent from my iPhone, bitch.
  8. That's false
  9. What are you talking about?? Theres a dumpster full of sov. stem/8s and Toro 7/13s behind my headshop :rolleyes:

  10. Small town with one semi decent connect and no headshop. So pretty close to a cave haha

  11. I have to disagree here. Tree percs might not always be as good as some other styles, but if they are done correctly, they can be amazing. Love my 15-arm Luke Wilson bubbler.
  12. That's the point though. A well done tree perc may be nice and better than a shitty one, but a tree perc, with the quality variable being constant, is always one of the worst kinds imo.
  13. Its all opinion, or else toro 7/13's wouldn't be popular as fuck. Some people prefer less diffusion.

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