simple reasons why the world sucks

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  1. Post why the world sucks at the moment

    this mahfucker right here v

  2. Your graph only pertains to America. America represents just 5% of the world’s population. The people with actual “power” represent a tiny fraction of that 5%. Ergo, a small but powerful group of American’s suck.

    No need to be down on the whole world. There is always hope if you keep moving forward.

  3. The majority of those turtules will be eaten by seagulls
  4. The world sucks it always has it always will so might as well try and enjoy it the best you can
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    The majority of those seagulls will be eaten by larger birds of prey and/or sharks.
  6. the majority of those sharks will be eaten by me
  7. the majority of you shall be eaten by this guy

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    I will eat the leftovers

    & this is why the world sucks >.>
  9. Still makes the point that the military/security budget is severely over allocated.
  10. The world sucks because America is doing this.

  11. if american politicians smoked a lil bud and slowed down with all the DWI's then maybe that graph would show some improvement and the government officials might actually open up their minds instead of drowning their ideas with alcohol.
  12. I feel that the world sucks because the majority of the people on Earth are unwilling to stop and think of how fortunate they are to be where they're at. For some people, the world truly does suck. But even still, if you can simply think but have lost all feeling in your body-you've still got something. You've always got the right to be upset with any situation. I believe that, no matter how fortunate you are, life is going to be challenging and you can say things suck whenever you want. Truth is, we're all pretty damned fortunate. You are especially fortunate if you can afford to read this on the internet.
  13. Because weed is illegal.

  14. The rest of the world will keep moving forward while those who are mired in the negatives await the seagulls.

    The world doesn't suck. Inaction sucks. Problems that are caused by people can be solved by other people. Why not you?


  15. Literally LMAO'd
  16. nah man, the world is awesome.

    people suck.
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    so you're saying that being positive will fix everything?

    Surely you agree that the first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging it exists...

  18. misanthropist.

    people cannot suck. people are merely people. your wrong perception makes them suck.
  19. the world has always sucked. like my grandma says, "if it aint one thing, its another"

    human beings are filled with greed, lust, want,and envy. its always been that way and it always will. it just so happens that its on a worldwide scale now with nuclear bombs and hi-tech warfare technologies. honestly thers nothing anyone can do so

  20. Not necessarily. Sometimes you need to get angry, or upset, or sad. The challenge resides in focusing your emotions effectively. They can be a powerful fuel for change. But if you don't harness them constructively they will consume you, and the burned-up little leftover will be an emo kid. You don't want that, do you? ;)

    Clearly. However, there is a fine line between recognizing the realities of a negative issue and dwelling on its depressing nature. IMO, declaring that the “world sucks” indicated the latter.


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