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  1. 1. Is it possible to build a grow box with wood? i was thinking about building one cause its not easy finding something to use for a micro grow, i was planning on building a box that can grow 2 plants at once, and that has room for the lights and the venteilation

    2. Can someone give me a price range for some CFLs im only growing 2 plants at a time like i stated up there so will this mean i need less lights? and i might be growing either bag seed or an autoflowering strain.

    Thanks a lot to anyone who helps me out, and if someone is gonna say "you need to do some research before you ask questions like these", well i already tried and if you have a link that you could send me i will gladly take a look and hopefully learn something.
  2. Yeah you can build it out of wood, just need some kind of reflective material on the inside. Typically you want 75-100w per plant. Prices can really vary, just depends where you go.
  3. Yeah i was planning on covering everything in tin foil, would that work?
  4. Yeah it will work.. but not as good as mylar. Also when your buying lights you want to go by the actual watts used, not the incandescent equivalent.
  5. alright thanks alot man, and also since you said get anything from 70-100wts, do they make 85s? and if they do should i just have one on each plant?
  6. And would miracle grow work with this strain?

    So to sum everything up,

    Like i said before, im going with an autoflowering strain cause it sounds easier to grow and im not really looking for a big yield id rather gain experience, so once i get all this will i be almost close to growing?

    - Short Rider feminized autoflower marijuana seeds

    - 2, 70-100watt CFL lights

    - Grow box with tin foil

    - Soil

    - A fan, for ventilation

    - Powerstrip to plug everything in

    ^ thats everything up to my memory, and im tight on money otherwise i would of included nutes, but im thinking about buying these
    Flower Tabs for Organic Flower Power
  7. since you are strapped for cash like me, you should do what im doing. im starting my grow in a week and im going to use foxfarm soil. it comes with plant food and nutrients already mixed in. you will eventually need to get extra nutes and food but that will be a while down the road
  8. To be completely honesty I don't see where an auto flower would be a easier you could just have regular seeds and run a 12/12 light schedule from seed and it will still flower whenever it's ready, also reg seeds are a bit cheaper there are also cheaper seeds banks then the ones your using. Also another thing you need to add to your list is a light timer. I've heard nothing but good things about the fox farm line particularly Fox Farm Ocean Forest.

  9. I'd paint the wood Flat white , that will reflect light the best ... Tin foil is fine, If its your only option ( But If you got the paint - I'd go for that ) Tin foil creates hot spots In your grow area , It wont burn your box down If your using cfl's - It might burn some small spots on your leaves though

    Where to Buy CFL's ( Grow lights ) - CLICK ME

    I got my seeds from Pic n mix ( you can buy single seeds ) CLICK ME

    If you don't already know The best way to Germinate seeds - CLICK ME

    Good Luck with everything, I look forward to seeing what you put together ;]

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