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  1. I currently have a few babies outside that i started late and just sent em into flowering after 2 weeks of veg. they have been flowering for a month now a couple look about avg. and the rest seem like the buds arent getting anybigger or they are very slowly direct light all day long. 1 I had a herm i didnt get in time 1 sac opened and ive found seeds on all my plant, is it beneficial fro me to go and pick all the seeds developing out? as to keep my energy up on the buds and not the seeds. also what is the coldest i should let my babies get past few nights have lingered in the lower 40's for hrs then drops to 37-34 degree for about 5-7 hrs. 1 plant is showing purpleing just today. any advice on what to cover them with i know plastic is bad but what if i went with it with a few holes in it small and then put hot rocks and warm milk jugs of water in. or am i better off using a blanket just dont wanna get up at the crack of dawn literally. thanks:wave: first time outdoorer i like closets lol
  2. Dont bother pickin out the seeds. Your plants cherry has been popped, no going back now.
  3. Worddd. And if worse comes to worse, you'll have some seed for next year right? :D
  4. umm i guess my understanding is wrong then cuz if one calyx is pollinated its not default that all other calyxes are gonna produce seed. seeds take up shit tons of energy anyone out there have a answer not a guess, well at least an experienced well eduducated guess. And seed for next year sure if i want herms arent herm fertilized plants generally have hermi seeds when popped. Also what kind of temps do u guys think a bag seed set of girls would endure 35 40 degrees. ive taken out the culpret also and killed it now is compost! Yest i went and took the time to pull off every seed and i did i just hope that couple hrs pays off in energy directed at the bud now instead a SEED, is that not how it works. seeds are the life force of the plant so doesnt most the energy go to making the seed viable to carry on??????? sorry so long just gotta let you guys know exactly whats up!:rolleyes:

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