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  1. OK Iv done almost all outdoor grows but I always start inside. This year I had 15 plants that were female, I put 11 outside and kept the smaller ones inside simply because they were the smallest ones and I was going to toss them because I only have so much room outside without getting to sketchy. Okkk. So long story short, the 4 plants that I didnt put outside I left by my window and half ass watered them for shits and giggles. They are now a little over a foot tall. Here is my Question:

    Now that they are a foot tall they are starting to be less productive with just the simple light from the sun coming through the window, I DO NOT wanna start an intense grow situation inside and see them through till they get full grown but what I was thinking was this.....AND PLEASE CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG

    but....couldnt I make a small grow box and put them on 12/12 light right now and have them produce a small amount of bud? They are only about 6 weeks old and I understand they will produce a very little amount of bud but that doesnt bother me, I have plants outside and plenty of my own bud still left to smoke. I was just wondering if I could put them on 12/12 light and start the flowering process at 6 weeks and get a little fresh bud to smoke. My logic makes me believe that a plant would flower at only 12-16 inches and produce bud if put into the flowering cycle early, I think I can but I still get a small feeling that this might not work haha. So let me know.

    and if this seems like a stupid question im sorry, I have always started them inside and let mother nature's clock do all the work. +rep to whos either gonna tell me im wrong or right. thanks.
  2. You can start to bud plants whenever you want. You just have to go to 12/12. A plant doesn't have to be so tall to start flowering. It will work. Lol if you left them in a window sill for a while I bet they're pretty stretched right now. I say go for it, just build a small grow box toss a few cfls in there and flower em, no need to trash em if you don't have to.
  3. ok thats what my logic was telling me but I wanted to make sure. What kind of lighting should I have if they are only going to be 12-18 inches tall MAX and the lighting is only being used for flowering? Just want to make sure I dont spend to much on expensive lighting because it seems a simple one will work because im simply flowering and not trying to get the mass growth out of these plants. thanks.
  4. Well cfls are cheap and don't use a lot of energy. Just pick up a pack of em, make sure to get 2700k. I found this 100w ones at HD, try to get a few of those, at least 3.

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