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Simple Mids Brownies (Recipe + Pics)

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by marcusclarkus, Nov 27, 2008.

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    Recently, Hashmouf made an excellent guide for brownies. The thing is, not everyone has a tub of cannabutter in the fridge and a half oz of trimmings at their disposal. Let me just put this out there right now though, if you have the ingredients to make Hashmouf's brownies, do it! I'm sure they are blow mine out of the water and if you grow your own bud then don't even bother reading this recipe. For those that don't have all the ingredients or money, here's my recipe for brownies, it's compiled from various recipes on the web that weren't clear.


    Box of brownie mix that calls for oil, not butter
    10-16 grams of mids (de-stemmed, de-seeded, and ground up to a nice consisitency)
    1/2 cup of vegetable oil (or whatever the brownie box says, may be 3/4 cup)
    2 eggs (or whatever the brownie box says)
    1/4 cup of water (or whatever the brownie box says)

    Quick Directions:

    Put mix oil and weed on medium low for 25 minutes. Strain. Mix with all other ingredients. Bake according to box.

    Detailed Directions:

    1. Gather all materials in picture. The white rubber scraper and coffee filter are both optional. The crisco can be replaced with any non-stick cooking spray.

    2. Measure the oil a tad bit more than the recipe calls for. After heating, straining, and transferring it between the metal pot and the measuring cup it will end up being the correct amount.

    3. Pour the oil into the metal pot and begin heating on on medium heat. After about 5 minutes, turn to medium low and stir in all the bud. Continue heating on medium low for 25 minutes (I have heard various times, but it is better to keep it in a little longer than too short as long as it's not burning). The oil will not simmer like water does, but it is definitely hot. Turning it up will risk burning the THC. Stir every minute or so.

    The mixture looks black because of my camera. It is really supposed to be brownish.

    4. While the oil is going on, you can mix all the other ingredients up in a bowl and grease the bottom and sides of the pan with crisco and a paper towel or with spray.

    5. Preheat oven to whatever temperature the box says. Place the strainer over the measuring cup and pour the oil and weed mixture through it. Use a spoon to push on the bud to get all the oil out. Depending on how fine your strainer is, there may or may not be particles of bud still left in your oil. You can see in my picture it is just very fine shake, but I still used the coffee filter anyway. The coffee filter can be a bit of a bitch though because it's so slow and wastes a bit of oil. I would only reccomend it if you have larger particles than I did. Discard weed (not in trashcan) after straining, it smells bad and is useless.

    6. Now mix the oil in with the rest of the brownie mix. Stir it until you think it is completely blended, then do it again. You want the oil to be spread out completely. Pour mixture into pan and clean out bowl with rubber scraper so you don't waste a lot of batter. Bake for however long the box says. While waiting, light up a bowl or pack the vape.

    7. When you can stick a toothpick in the center and it comes out clean, the brownies are done. Allow at least 10 minutes to cool, then cut up and wrap to keep them fresh. Cut them so it comes out to about 1 gram per brownie. So if you put in 16 grams in, cut the pan into 16 brownies. I used 11.5 grams, so I just cut it into 12 brownies. I probably should have done 10 though.


    On average, one brownie will get you high for 6 hours or so. The time if takes for it to kick in is usually 30 minutes to 1hr 30 minutes, depending on how much food is in your stomach before and your metabolism (guessing on that, not sure).

    People react differently to them.

    Friend A smokes maybe once every 6 months, yet insisted on eating the whole thing before school even though I and others warned him and told him to eat half. He spent the entire day sick because he was so high, with a completely pale face and asleep on his desk.

    Friend B smokes every week or two but has an extremely low tolerance. When three manning a blunt of mids, he is incredibly high by the time we're halfway through. He ate half a brownie and was the highest he has every been for about 12 hours. Didn't get sick at all.

    I smoke maybe four times a week, have a medium to high tolerance, and get pretty high off one brownie for about 5 hours. Eating a second one about 4 hours after eating the first one is perfect for me.

    Friend C smokes everyday. One brownie gives him a pretty good buzz, two get him really high for awhile.

    Experiment first! You don't want to get too fucked up.

    Odor Control

    Baking brownies doesn't really smell like weed... it just smells gross. I have one fan set up blowing the smell out the kitchen window, 5+ candles lit, the overhead stove fan on high, and the kitchen door to outside open. Have all this set up before you even but the weed in the oil.

    Takes about 45 minutes to completely air out my house after the brownies are done. Leave more time for yourself since my kitchen is ideal with the windows and door so close by.


  2. Thank you so much, i was JUST looking for an easier brownie recipe.
  3. glad I could help
  4. FYI Your measuring cup is made of Pyrex. It will not shatter if you pour hot oil into, it is specifically designed to handle extreme heat and cold. ;) Great thread btw
    VaporBrothers FTMFW!!!!
  5. great guide man. i can use this for my next batch:smoking::smoking:
  6. Nice recipe thanks
  7. I just get scared due to the number of cheap glasses I've broken like this. I understand this is a different type of glass, but in the back of my head I'm ignorant and since I can't see the chemical composition, I assume they are the same material. I'm the same way with knives, I know the steel can be different qualities, but it just all seems the same to me. I guess I just need more experience.
  8. I was looking for a recipe like this.. thanks alot! this should be sticky'd :p
  9. well done sir.
  10. not bad.. good instructions.. I'll have to do this sometime soon.
  11. Good recipe but does anyone know how to make a nice brownie from an 8th? I dont want 10 brownies.. I only want like 3
  12. You would have to cut the entire batch of brownies into 3 huge pieces.

  13. lol...cant do it man....you have to make a batch at a time. firecrackers if you want less....maybe do this: make regular brownies, then make weed pb (i would assume heat natural pb - the oily kind - in a pot should work) then spread that on the brownies...would taste bad though methinks....

    marucusclarkus - nice thread man, i like the pics and your disclaimer haha...

    the best disclaimer is from hyde on that 70s show: here's your brownie man, you have about 30 minutes to get somewhere safe.
  14. Haha alright firecrackers it is...

    3 big brownies might be a little much :)
  15. lol @ imagining you trying to stuff yourself with 1/3 of a pan of brownies just to get high hahaha
  16. Very nice man. My parents went out of town this weekend. So me and 3 other friends decided to make brownies.We put 1 1/2 oz. of some shwag in the batch, even though last time we did a oz. and it fucked everyone up pretty good.

    The most time consuming part by far was breaking up an oz and a half of shitty weed lol.

    we cut the batch into fourths and everyone ate one brownie, and saved one. About an hour after we ate them, I was playing my friend in Madden on xbox, and realized how high i was haha. About 2 hours later I think everyone was in the zombie phase, shortly after that everyone passed out haha.

    We were all completely useless for about 6 hours, not saying we aren't usually. We aren't a bunch of lightweights either, 3 out of the 4 people that ate a brownie are daily smokers.

    Oh and btw I just ate my other brownie as I was typing this so Ill let yall know how that turns out lol.
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    Firecrackers as already mentioned or get some of your friends to throw in bud and then divide the brownies up accordingly.

    And I've learned that these work a lot better if you don't have a full stomach. My friend with a similar (or even slightly higher) tolerance ate one on a completely empty stomach and got fucked up. I ate mine as dessert after a huge meal though and it wasn't very strong.
  18. I'm so happy! We finally got enough to make some!

    I'm hoping to do some soon and let you all know how they turn out! Yay!

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